Developpons ensemble l'esprit d'équipe Société générale


A story of commitment

Every year, 15,000 Societe Generale employees are commited for the community around the world. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its corporate Foundation, the Group would like to highlight the commitment in the community of its employees in France and abroad, through 4 films.

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Waste-to-energy: a greener environment for local communities

Through its expertise in environmental financing, Societe Generale is supporting waste-to-energy plants with tangible benefits for local communities. Societe Generale is helping to finance a series of waste-to-energy plants in France and beyond that are not only addressing the waste treatment issue, but also generating energy. They are therefore significantly improving the environment for local communities.

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Metz Bois Energie combines team spirit and family spirit

Having family spirit, or team spirit, is great. And when people are able to combine the two, it affords them the opportunity to go further. This is the belief held by Fabrice Metz, a 25-year-old Top 14 rugby player, who made his foray into the business world alongside his brother Olivier at the same time he launched his sporting career.



@SG_etvous wins the #TwitterAwards Customer category

Societe Generale is the first bank and only French brand to have won a #TwitterAward. The Bank received the award for its commitment to replying to enquiries on social media in under 30 minutes. The “Société Générale et vous” Twitter account stands out with a reply average of under 9 minutes compared to 7 hours for most French banks (Colombus study).

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The Dunes

The Dunes technology hub, located at Fontenay-sous-Bois, is an illustration of the digital adventure Société Générale and its employees have embarked on in recent years. This innovative site, which welcomed its first occupants in September 2016, is where most of the Bank’s IT functions are hosted.

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New Basel banking rules’ impact on European economy

The coming days will be crucial for the future of the European economy. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision will officially present its final set of proposals on capital requirements for the banking sector, known as the Basel IV framework.


EcoNote Population aging: Risk of deflation or inflation?

Population aging: Risk of deflation or inflation?

The world is going through an unprecedented phenomenon in terms of aging as a result of two forces: falling fertility and rising longevity. All countries are experiencing this shift, albeit to different extents and with different timings. Japan is at the forefront of the demographic changes, but the rest of the advanced world is now following in its footsteps as a lower birthrate in the past and continuing reductions in mortality begin to bite. Demographics in the advanced world are now at a turning point. According to the UN, the combined working-age population of the world’s advanced economies has probably peaked and is expected to fall by more than 5% in the next five decades. In China, the working-age population is expected to collapse by a third by 2065. At the same time, the share of these countries’ population aged 65 and over will skyrocket.


Latest press releases

  • 09/12/2016

    Societe Generale group has agreed to sell the entire stake of Boursorama in Onvista AG to Comdirect Bank AG

    Societe Generale Group, through Boursorama, has agreed to sell the entire stake of Boursorama in Onvista AG, its German subsidiary, to comdirect bank AG.

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  • 01/12/2016

    Disclosure of new regulatory capital requirements as from 1st January 2017

    The European Central Bank confirmed the level of additional requirement in respect of Pillar 2 (P2R or “Pillar 2 Requirement”) for Societe Generale, which will come into force as from 1st January 2017. This level has been set at 1.50%.

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