#ConnectedBank Futur en Seine 2016 Europe’s largest digital festival

See you at the Futur en Seine festival!

On 10 June, Societe Generale awarded the Jury’s Prize as part of the “Futur en Seine Awards 2016” at the Carreau du Temple in Paris. In addition to the prize money, the winning start-up also received office space at the Le Plateau, an unprecedented 1,000m² dedicated to innovation at Societe Generale’s new building complex Les Dunes in the east of Paris.

Le Plateau, an innovation space at Societe Generale’s new building complex Les Dunes

Le Plateau, where ideas grow

Designed for the Group’s staff and for start-ups working on new and disruptive business projects, Le Plateau aims to encourage and enrich collaborative work between internal and external project teams, as well as those from the wider French Tech ecosystem.

Tomorrow’s architecture for an innovative bank

Tomorrow’s architecture for an innovative bank

An embodiment of the Group’s digital transformation, Les Dunes is the new building complex created by Societe Generale at its location in Val-de-Fontenay, in the Greater Paris region. Its five buildings, all High-Environmental Quality certified, will house 5,000 staff members by the end of 2016. Fitted with latest-generation equipment, the new workspaces were specifically designed to promote collaboration and accelerate technological innovation for the benefit of our clients.

Read the article on Dunes on the L'Usine Digitale website (in French)

Liberating creativity through collective and open innovation

The digital era is evolving the Bank’s approach to innovation. Moving from a ‘product-driven’ model to a relationship-focused one grounded in the customer experience, from innovation in isolation to open innovation made possible by increased connectivity between communities within the company and those in the company’s wider ecosystem.

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