Environmental and architectural feat in Tchad

Under Chad's extreme climatic, economic and politic conditions, Société Générale Tchad built two annex buildings: the first is a business center for Corporate clients and the second has a data center and premises for the IT, Finance and Legal Departments. This real-estate project is exemplary regarding both environmental and functional efficiency and architectural beauty.

An environmental challenge

The environmental challenge has been met by combining conventional and innovative techniques: insulation meeting EU standards, external dual walls, power generation via photovoltaic panels and LED lighting. The project is also an aesthetic achievement, as the modern buildings perfectly fit in the Headquarters' (built in 1970) architectural environment and in the local Arab-Saharan tradition.

Embodying the energy and commitment of Société Générale Tchad's teams, this ambitious project will further strengthen the bank's image in the eyes of the teams, customers, and local population.

Remarkable and innovative project, the construction of two low-energy buildings in a tropical and dry zone was awarded during the 4th Environmental Efficiency award ceremony.

The strength of Africa

Having operated on the continent for over 100 years, Societe Generale has gained extensive knowledge on the ground and has forged solid experience in providing support to corporate and individual customers. Drawing on its historic roots and geographic coverage, the Group has created a forum for the people who are shaping today's dynamic, creative and innovative Africa.

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