A new offer and targeted actions to help Tech entrepreneurs find out more about stock market flotation

For the past 3 years, Societe Generale has taken part in the innovative Techshare* training programme run by Enternext**, designed to help entrepreneurial startuppers gain greater understanding of the way financial markets operate.

Pascal Mathieu, CEO of Gilbert Dupont, and Christophe Alleman, Co-Director of Global Capital Markets for Societe Generale Mid Cap Investment Banking (MCIB)

Pascal Mathieu, CEO of Gilbert Dupont, and Christophe Alleman, Co-Director of Global Capital Markets for Societe Generale Mid Cap Investment Banking (MCIB) for small and medium-sized business, were given the opportunity on 8 March to meet with directors of our French TECH startups in a range of sectors (Biotech, Medtech, Software, Hardware, Services, etc.) to help them gain insights into the issues related to market valuation, should they decide to float their company on the stock exchange.

We asked them a series of questions to get an overview of the event...

Christophe, if you had just one piece of advice to give the CEO of a startup looking to float his business on the stock market, what would it be?

This evening training session was a chance to provide our entrepreneurs with key pointers to help them analyse and understand the way markets work, so that they can get the most out of the stock market, which is a great way of improving access to capital. So if they were to remember just one thing, I’d say it would have to be “time”.
Time in the sense of timing: making sure the timing is right for the business itself, and that the market conditions are also right. And I’d add “time” in the sense of duration, taking time to plan your flotation, because an IPO has to be prepared in advance, with the help of a trusted banking partner, above all.

A partner such as Societe Generale?

Through its various entities, especially MCIB and Gilbert Dupont, Societe Generale is the market leader in terms of support provided to small businesses seeking financing through capital markets.  The figures speak for themselves: Societe Generale has been the leader on the primary equity market in France since 2010*** and is renowned for the high quality of its research operations. In 2017, we supported 43 of the 118 operations on the primary equity market performed in France***. Over the past 15 years we have overseen the stock market flotation of more than 100 clients!

Pascal, can you remind us what Gilbert Dupont is?

Gilbert Dupont, a subsidiary 100%-owned by Crédit du Nord, is a stockbroker specialised in intermediation and financial operations mainly involving French small and medium-sized businesses (known as Small & Mid Caps). It offers an impressive range of services in this specialised market segment - financial analysis, transactions, sales trading, negotiation, corporate broking - and as such is one of the major names of the Paris financial market. As proof of our recognised expertise, the figures cited by Christophe speak for themselves. I should also add that Gilbert Dupont isthe number 1 player on the Paris stock exchange in terms of number of contracts managed (95 as of 31/12/17).

What is the essence of the partnership signed in February, intended to reinforce the services offered by Societe Generale group to small and medium-sized businesses in the fields of consulting and capital raising on the equity markets?

Gilbert Dupont now manages primary equity transactions of up to 50 million euros for all the small and medium-sized businesses that are clients of Societe Generale. This partnership is an extension of the professional cooperation already in place between Societe Generale and Gilbert Dupont.

As a result, small and medium-sized businesses will have access to an offer that combines all the expertise developed by Societe Generale and Gilbert Dupont on the primary equity markets, including: a comprehensive range of consultancy services and support, extensive distribution capabilities for all types of transactions (stock market flotation, capital increases and issuing of securities to improve access to capital, block investments), expertise in the field of research at both worldwide and local level and as regards the negotiation of mid-cap stocks.

*Societe Generale Mid Cap Investment Banking, which Gilbert Dupont joined in 2018, has partnered up with the Techshare programme for the 3rd year in a row. 
**Enternext, the subsidiary of Euronext focused on financing and promoting small and medium-sized businesses via the financial markets
***Source Thomson Reuters