Is your business evolving, growing, transforming? Are you thinking of moving to more appropriate premises? Which premises to choose? To rent or buy? The property aspect of your business is a real part of your business strategy and numerous approaches are possible. Societe Generale is here to support you with our financing solutions and experts to help you find the best solutions for your needs.

Entrepreneurs: real-estate strategy to put in place

Your company’s real-estate component – which premises to choose, whether to rent or buy – is an integral part of your corporate strategy, and there are a number of possible approaches. Rémi Danis, Head of corporate real-estate financing at Societe Generale, gives us some expert advice.

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Five questions to ask before moving premises

Is your company evolving, growing, changing? Are you looking to move into more suitable premises? Cédric Béchard, Director of SG Real Estate Advisory, accompanies numerous business bosses who are looking for new offices. He gives you five top tips to make sure you don’t make any mistakes when undertaking this key project for your company’s future.

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How to prepare a successful real estate investment

Have you sold your company or part of your company, leaving you with a large amount of capital? Do you want to invest your money productively and - why not? - get a foot in the real estate market as a professional investor? Isabelle Beaufumé, Commercial Director at Societe Generale’s CIG Real Estate Agency, specialised in the financing of real estate professionals for almost 40 years, shares her advice on how best to prepare this new entrepreneurial project.

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