Playing their part during the crisis

In the context of this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to combat the crisis, all economic players are mobilising and playing their part. Through a series of stories, interviews and podcasts, a voice is given to “committed entrepreneurs”, whether business leaders, business owners, or wokring for a charitable association… driven by the desire to help and take action by adapting their businesses, they reacted, turned things around and innovated. In particular, through the French State-guaranteed loan facility, Societe Generale continues to support economic players.



Team Ozeo

Ozeo Paris: the scale-up that wants to revolutionise home automation with “Dooz”

Specialised in installing home automation systems for the last 15 years, Ozeo Paris is scaling up thanks to a connected innovation that has already received much market acclaim. Its strategic differentiator? The total integration of the value chain in France with accessible simple-to-use products designed to limit their broader carbon footprint. We meet Ozkan Ok and Olivier Darnault, the two co-founders.

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Provepharm Life Solutions Team

Provepharm Life Solutions focuses 3rd path pharmaceutical innovation

By giving known molecules new therapeutic potential, PROVEPHARM LIFE SOLUTIONS is building a global pharmaceutical group. Its strategy? Fast-track innovation and treatments that are accessible to all. We talk with CEO Michel Féraud.

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MCA Handicap Guillaume Tardy

MCA HANDICAP: When inclusion makes business sens

Since Guillaume Tardy took over the company in 2010, MCA Handicap has quadrupled its revenue and expanded its offering to include home adaptations for people with disabilities. We talk to Guillaume about how he sees inclusion.
Is it possible to head up a specialist disability support company without being personally affected? “Probably not” says Tardy, citing his own personal and often painful experience with two brothers with disabilities, sometimes seeing people cross the street to avoid them.

Read the interview about MCA Handicap is pedalling ahead is on course to generate revenues of 15 million euros this year, and offers more than 300 brands and almost 50,000 references. Denis Montard, founder of, shares his experience on the success of his company.

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Success Stories

Céline Gris

Testimony from Céline Gris CEO of the Gris group

Founded in 1984 by Francis Gris, the GRIS Group is an automotive component supplier specialising in the manufacturing of engineering washers and die-cut engineering parts. European leader on its market, exporting 60% of its products, the company addresses all major automotive groups.

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Success stories tramway

Making green transport possible in Liège

The inhabitants of Liège in Belgium will benefit from greener transport thanks to the public-private partnership signed last January between OTW, the Walloon transport operator, and Tram’Ardent for the construction of the first tramway line in the city.

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EnBW to help foster Germany’s energy transition with green bond issue

EnBW, a fully integrated leading German utility company, active in power generation, electricity transmission and distribution, as well as sale of electricity to retail customers, decided to play a leading role in the reshaping of the energy system, and thus be at the forefront of Germany’s energy transition.

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Urban mobility: CAF buys Solaris and gets on the road to drive the future of urban transportation

The Spanish multinational has acquired the Polish bus manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach, a transformational deal that sets the company on the road to become leader in urban mobility. The tie will allow CAF to expand its offer beyond the rail equipment sector and to strengthen its position in the electric bus market.


large-scale solar photovoltaic

Solarpack's succesful IPO expands the use of solar energy worldwide

Solarpack, the Spanish multinational large-scale solar photovoltaic project development, construction and operations specialist, successfully completed a share placement last December. This important milestone, achieved despite the extremely difficult market conditions, will give the company the financial muscle to grow, expand the use of solar energy worldwide, invest and contribute to the social developments of the communities and markets in which it operates. Societe Generale acted as Global Coordinator of this transformational deal for the company.

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Financing Europe's largest ultra-broadband network in Italy

Italy will soon have the largest European ultra high-speed broadband network. After France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Nordic countries and the Netherlands, Societe Generale is now at the forefront of financing the Internet transformation in Italy, strengthening its position as a European leader in this sector. This is a historical transaction for the Italian telecom group Open Fiber, who launch the largest optical fibre project in Europe with a total investment of more than
€6 billion over the next 6 years.