Delfingen committed to fair globalisation

From family business to world leader: auto parts maker Delfingen bases its success on excellent customer service, agility and an enterprise culture embraced by 2,400 employees in 19 countries.

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Voltaire Design: A galloping success!

Eight years after its creation, Voltaire Design is now a global leader in the very high-end equestrian saddle market, and owes its success to an original business model tailored to a cottage industry startup.

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Ecodas is exporting its sustainable innovation for processing potentially infectious waste

This company records 95% of its revenue from abroad, in 80 countries, thanks to an innovation that enables infectious waste to be treated through sterilisation. This environmentally efficient and economical alternative to incinerating waste is proving to be a major success, notably in emerging countries.

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success stories

Urban mobility: CAF buys Solaris and gets on the road to drive the future of urban transportation

The Spanish multinational has acquired the Polish bus manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach, a transformational deal that sets the company on the road to become leader in urban mobility. The tie will allow CAF to expand its offer beyond the rail equipment sector and to strengthen its position in the electric bus market.


large-scale solar photovoltaic

Solarpack its succesful IPO

Solarpack, the Spanish multinational large-scale solar photovoltaic project development, construction and operations specialist, successfully completed a share placement last December. This important milestone, achieved despite the extremely difficult market conditions, will give the company the financial muscle to grow, expand the use of solar energy worldwide, invest and contribute to the social developments of the communities and markets in which it operates. Societe Generale acted as Global Coordinator of this transformational deal for the company.

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Financing Europe's largest ultra-broadband network in Italy

Italy will soon have the largest European ultra high-speed broadband network. After France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Nordic countries and the Netherlands, Societe Generale is now at the forefront of financing the Internet transformation in Italy, strengthening its position as a European leader in this sector. This is a historical transaction for the Italian telecom group Open Fiber, who launch the largest optical fibre project in Europe with a total investment of more than
€6 billion over the next 6 years.


Beryl Solar Farm Powers Sydney’s New Generation Metro Railway

Beryl Solar Farm helps deliver Sydney’s new fully automated train services in 2019. The Beryl Solar Farm, one of the biggest solar projects in the state, will be powered by more than 260,000 advanced solar modules and will produce enough green energy to displace more than 167,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year – the equivalent to taking about 45,000 cars off the road.

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Feeding China's appetite for healthy food

Cross border acquisition financing addresses increasing demand for healthy food and drives technological innovation. Foods, one of China's largest dairy groups, have recently closed a joint deal to acquire St Hubert, a leading French plant-based food specialist.

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