Societe Generale gets feedback from entrepreneurs eager to share their experience: ranging from simple stories to real advice on how to deal with the daily challenges facing entrepreneurs.

Tobias Martinez Chief Executive Officer of Cellnex Telecom

We have the trust of our external partners, they understand our business model and this helps us to make the right decisions in executing our vision.


Team Spirit #Jamaisseuls

#Jamaisseuls (Notalone) is a collection of real-life case studies that let entrepreneurs speak for themselves. They want to share a story or memory, or tell us about a project where team spirit made all the difference.
Whether you are creating or growing a business, or launching a new product, team spirit is essential at every stage. Because we share this fundamental value with our customers, these defining moments are what unite us.

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Meet and share

To support businesses and their leaders throughout the entrepreneurial journey, Societe Generale organises conferences on various themes all over the country: an invaluable opportunity for company directors and business experts to meet and exchange ideas. Societe Generale also partners up with trade fairs and forums in Paris and throughout the country, to make sure we are constantly listening to our customers.

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