Amexio: riding the wave of content management

Managing content, for both documents and data, on behalf of large corporations. This is the main business of Amexio, which intervenes during the entire life cycle of content, from its dematerialisation to collaborative management (shared documents), from publication to archiving.

“Our customers refocus on their core business and outsource all things IT related. We are a highly-specialised service company with a niche position on this market” explains its Chairman and founder Xavier Morcillo, who boasts an excellent track record. Created in 2006, Amexio, which currently employs 164 staff, forecasts revenue of €18.2 million this year and is surfing a wave of double-digit growth. What is this SME’s secret? With increased regulations governing traceability (which requires the production of more content, thus driving the growth of this business) Amexio has a specific advantage: “Contrary to our competitors who have off-shore operations, we carry out these services in France, which represents a guarantee of security and quality for our customers”. Amexio also owes its success to the cohesion of its management team (nine or ten employees at the time the company was founded still work for Amexio) and to its ability to build partnerships within its ecosystem.

Therefore Societe Generale, who is one of Amexio’s long-standing customers, became a company shareholder through a 32% investment in its capital. “This backing provided us with greater credibility and weight in our line of business. It helps us win major clients, provides cash and contributes useful know-how in financial engineering to help us develop through external growth” explains Xavier Morcillo, who acquired Document Project Service in December 2015 to expand its offering in the content management (ECM) sector.

Never Eat Alone: no more solo lunches

What if you were to have lunch with a colleague you didn’t know, either simply out of curiosity or for a change from the usual conversations among your own team? That is something that is easier to say than to do in large companies where we each tend to work on our own without necessarily fully understanding what goes on in the other parts of the business; where sometimes we are reluctant to ask directly for fear of inconveniencing the person.

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