AlertGasoil: supporting hypergrowth

Delivering (on average) savings of 10% for companies whose fuel budget represents 30% of their costs: that is Avenir Développement Durable’s [Future Sustainable Development's] promise to its clients. Its patented technology, AlertGasoil, allows fraud and fuel losses in truck fleets to be detected. The system, which measures, and continuously transmits information about fuel stocks in tanks, consumption and CO2 emissions, has already been installed on over 10,000 tanks worldwide.

The high level of interest in the technology has propelled Avenir Développement Durable through a phase of hypergrowth ever since its creation in 2009.  "In 2016, we are forecasting a turnover of €5.5 million, with 38% from international markets; that's 34% growth, compared with 2015," explains Eric Elkaim, its co-founder and chairman. But the SME is hardly resting on its laurels: it now employs 65 staff and continues to invest 16% of its turnover in research and development. Its aim: to perfect the technology, allowing it to be used on electric motors, and in the longer term, to be employed on mass-market vehicles, where it will be fitted as original equipment by vehicle manufacturers.

Société Générale has been Eric Elkaim's choice to support him in his entrepreneurial journey, right from the creation of his business. "I found myself talking to people who immediately understood our needs. They showed confidence in us and provided financing and solutions geared to strong growth, anticipating our needs, even when we didn't tick all the boxes." An example of this? Having already moved locations four times since its creation, at the point of its fifth move, Avenir Développement Durable’s bank supported it to move to a site with spare space, a decision that was vindicated a year later as it took on more staff.

UNITe: an effective partnership

Happy are those who in adulthood fulfil their childhood dreams. At the age of nine, Hugues Albanel turned his hands blue with cold in mountain streams as he built damns. In 1985, he acquired GHE (later renamed UNITe) which diversified from hydroelectricity to other sources of renewable energy. Having appreciated the suitability of the business plan suggested by Societe Generale for this transaction, Hugues Albanel decided to pursue this relationship with the same partner for the sake of efficiency. “The structure at Societe General was one that I’d never seen before at another bank, with a dedicated corporate contact person who took on the role of conductor for the accounts of all of the subsidiaries. Everything ran smoothly”.

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