Digital Branch in Serbia: take out a loan from your sofa!

Digital Branch, a platform developed by the Group's subsidiary in Serbia, enables its customers to carry out loan, deposit and withdrawal transactions immediately and online.

Deposit and withdrawal transactions immediately and online

Just 30 minutes to take out a loan, from your sofa or anywhere else. This is what Societe Generale Srbija is now offering its customers.

With Digital Branch, customers can quickly and securely initiate or sign up online to the bank's products: loans, deposits, immediate withdrawals. Included is the first fully digital consumer loan in Serbia, with an entirely digital application process. Another benefit: users can contact dedicated experts remotely (video, chat, phone call, etc.), including outside usual opening hours.

With Digital Branch, Societe Generale Srbija is responding to increasing demand from its customers to do their banking whenever, wherever and however.

New technologies for stronger cybersecurity

Digital accounts for 86% of our incoming contacts, with 700 million logins per year, mostly from mobile devices. Mobile has been the most-used medium since the end of 2012. This profound change in the bank’s customer relations has heightened the security challenge, which Societe Generale will address by more than doubling its IT budget for cybersecurity and investing in new technologies.

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