Innovative partnerships

The desire of these players to learn and to understand their procedure has led to partnerships with innovative third spaces, which have shown great interest in bringing together the skills, profiles and complementarity of a large group with these areas of innovation.

A partner in residence since 2015 of Player, which has since become Liberté Living Lab, Le Tank and MakeSense, the Group, and more specifically Retail banking in France, has since agreed partnerships with:

- Le Tremplin: the St Michel Commercial Operations Department (DEC) has become a partner for this startup incubator in the sporting domain, thanks to initial contact made with the Group's Sponsoring department;

- Le Plaine Coworking and Look Forward (incubator of, partners of the St Denis DEC;

- Ionis 361, partner of the Bercy DEC.

Marylène Vicari opens the Liberté Living Lab

The co-founder and director of the Liberté Living Lab (LLL) - an incubator for innovation and technological, civil and social entrepreneurship - Marylène Vicari wound her way to the world of startups after spending many years working in communications agencies. She specialised in change management and innovation and worked a lot with the telecoms sector, which was the first to be impacted by the internet revolution.

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Internal consulting is opening up to startups

SG Consulting operates on a similar business model to that of a consultancy firm. Exposed to the Group’s requirements, it has developed specific know-how and an offer that is tailored to the Group’s needs. It has acknowledged expertise in scoping complex projects, the operational efficiency of organisations, outsourcing and certain banking and regulatory topics.

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Financial inclusion: a shared ambition in Singapore

On 13 November 2018, Societe Generale Singapore hosted a panel discussion “FinTech & financial inclusion: can innovation in finance generate both a business & social impact?” Gathering over 100 participants, the event allowed to highlight financial inclusion initiatives through education, disintermediation platforms or blockchain technology, driven by some of the most ambitious startups: Mosabi, Fast Track Trade and LoanVi.

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Learning expedition: innovation “to go”!

Many have said that the innovation ecosystem found in today’s Lisbon is reminiscent, in its dynamism and spirit, of what was happening in Berlin a few years ago. The Learning Expedition (LEX) by the winners of Société Générale’s Group Innovation Prize was a chance to explore this ecosystem on the ground, meet its leaders, see its flourishing start-ups and encounter some determined FinTech’s with firm ambitions.

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A unique and universal source code archive

Inria, the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics, launched the Software Heritage project in June 2016 to collect, organise, preserve and share all software that is publicly available in source code form around the world. Societe Generale is sponsoring this project which reflects the Group’s ambitious open source strategy - a powerful driver of innovation and agility to enhance customer service.

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The Grande Ecole du Numérique, providing skills for tomorrow

Societe Generale is one of the four founding member companies of the Grande Ecole du Numérique. This commitment illustrates the importance of the digital transformation in the Group's strategy and the value it places on developing skills for the future, both within the company and outside it.

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University Chairs: Partnering with excellence

Through the Academic and Research Chairs that it supports, Societe Generale group develops long-term partnerships with higher education institutions and is committed to supporting research and teaching programmes for 12 Academic and Research Chairs.

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