1,000 m2 dedicated to open innovation in startup mode

To foster cooperation between internal and external project teams and FrenchTech ecosystems, #LePlateau hosts external and internal startups in an innovative environment, providing support and making its resources available to them. By creating a community for sharing resources, experience and knowledge, #LePlateau offers ideal conditions that foster innovation and value creation for startups.

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Vanessa Honvo Manager of #LePlateau

#LePlateau establishes the conditions needed to speed up collaboration between the Group and the startup ecosystem. It contributes to employee acculturation regarding key trends in our evolving societies. We believe diversity is a lever for innovation and transformation. 

The startups at #LePlateau

Located in The Dunes complex, #LePlateau hosts external startups full-time for 6 months. The startups can be recommended by the Group’s core businesses, by the pilot team in a POC or by a partner or they may have been founded by an employee. The selection criteria for these entities of fewer than 6 people are based on relational aspects and their willingness to share with Societe Generale.

Meet the startups

#LePlateau conferences

#LePlateau offers a rich and diverse programme. Once a week, conferences, workshops and master classes are open to everyone to enable them to learn about and understand today and tomorrow’s topics.
In 2018, we created two series of conferences on major positive impact challenges with the Institute for Desirable Futures and the Liberté Living Lab.
In 2019, we will be working with Terra Incognita to provide a series of conferences on Diversity and Entrepreneurship.
Our conferences will be broadcast live on Twitter and replayed on YouTube.

Accompanying internal projects

On #LePlateau, we accompany members of staff from throughout the Societe Generale group by helping them accelerate their projects, over a period ranging from 3 days to 2 months fulltime.
To enable them to deliver better and faster, they have access to the best experts from our ecosystem of partners, who accompany them by using new working methodologies.