Societe Generale launches a major intrapreneurship programme known as Internal Startup Call, to boost disruptive innovation projects across the Group. Open to all Societe Generale Group employees worldwide, starting this week, the Internal Startup Call is designed to give everyone the resources they need to invent new disruptive activities that offer strong potential for the Group.

The programme will bring to the fore internal intrapreneurship disruptive projects that are seeds of future Societe Generale products and services, including projects that go beyond traditional banking services. Different themes have been identified, covering subjects such as data, banking platforms, payments, digital workplace, as well as positive-impact finance and major societal trends.

Proposed startup concepts will be evaluated and supported in order to fine-tune them and create a team around them until February 2018. They will then be submitted for an initial selection process to the Group Management Committee. The startups selected at this stage will pitch to the members of the Management Committee on 16 February next. The committee members will then select those that they wish to sponsor to be accelerated into startup mode. The intrapreneurs will be accompanied by internal innovation teams or partners ; the members of the project team will be able to concentrate full-time on the startup project for a determined length of time. The projects will therefore be evaluated every three months.

Internal Startup Call

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Internal Startup Call, intrapreneurs feedbacks

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