In November 2017, Societe Generale launched a major intrapreneurship programme called the Internal Startup Call. The objective is to enable disruptive internal intrapreneurial projects to emerge that will be the embryos of our future products and services, including projects that go beyond traditional banking services. Open to all Group staff in France and abroad, the aim of the Internal Startup Call is to provide everyone with the means to become involved in the construction of new activities relating to themes covering topics such as data, banking platforms, payments and the work environment, as well as positive impact finance and major societal trends.

Following the call for projects, more than 600 projects were submitted by staff on the Ayno platform. The startup concepts were assessed. Support was provided to the intrapreneurs to help them put a team together and fine-tune their project until February. They were then submitted to the Group Management Committee to be shortlisted.

Discover the key stages of the Internal Startup Call

144 startups were invited to pitch to the members of the Management Committee on 16 February, 2018 during Pitch Day. They had to persuade the members of the Group Management Committee to become their sponsors and be accelerated in startup mode. 70 startups were shortlisted. A few weeks of diagnostic interviews were necessary to set the tempo of the launches and identify the most appropriate acceleration programme for each project. During the first 6 months, they will benefit from the financial support of the Group’s investment fund devoted to innovation.

Since 22 May, 2018, the teams have been gradually integrating the incubators on the premises of Societe Generale’s innovation partners including Fintech Circle (UK), TechHub (Romania), TechStars (India), IdeaSense and Creative Dock (Czech Republic) or Liberté Living Lab, Schoolab and Makesense (France), where they are testing more agile and collective work methods to rapidly develop their project. This is an opportunity to challenge the Group’s traditional organisations and practices and spread the entrepreneurial and innovation spirit. The members of each project team devote themselves full-time, over a set period of time, to their startup project. The projects are thus assessed every 3 months.

Internal Startup Call | One year of intrapreneurship of the Societe Generale and beyond

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After the #InternalStartupCall pitch day, the adventure continues

Internal Startup Call in figures

  • 150 million euros invested by Societe Generale in the Innovation Fund

  • More than 15,000 participants in this major intrapreneurial programme

  • More than 600 startup concepts put forward concerning 17 strategic innovation themes

  • 70 accelerated startups in 9 countries