Societe Generale is constantly developing its open innovation policy, by strengthening its relationship with startups and FinTech and increasing the number of exchanges and collaborations. In doing so, the Group has two aims: to offer them its expertise and to benefit from their knowledge in terms of user experience, new technologies and methods. Improving cooperation with these players means that Societe Generale can identify, from thousands of innovative startups, those which will add value to its activities.

Intrapreneurship boosting innovation and agility

The Internal Start-up Call is Societe Generale's major intrapreneurship programme aimed at boosting innovation and agility. The dynamism of internal start-ups like Moonshot-Internet, Elyxir and Step 31 confirms the strong entrepreneurial spirit which the Group has decided to focus on. These intrapreneurs’ journeys seek to benefit everyone, first and foremost the Group’s 30 million clients.

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Located in The Dunes, #LePlateau is a space of 1000 m2 with 150 workstations, dedicated to startups. To encourage collaboration between internal and external project teams and French Tech ecosystems, #LePlateau offers an innovative hosting environment, provides support, and makes its resources available for external and internal startups.

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Global innovation network

Open innovation lies at the heart of our transformation strategy. The Group has therefore developed locations in Paris, Dakar, Prague or Bangalore, encouraging collaboration on ideas in order to come up with new and innovative projects for our customers.

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Open innovation ecosystem

Societe Generale's open innovation procedure is based on bringing together creative forces from inside and outside of the company. It is built around two main ideas: strengthening its relationship with the ecosystem to bring it into line with the requirements of its business sectors, and stimulating the company’s capacity for innovation via new work locations and methods, preferential relationships with schools and participation in numerous events.

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Internal Startup Call

Societe Generale has launched a major intrapreneurship programme known as Internal Startup Call. Open to all Societe Generale Group employees worldwide, starting this week, the Internal Startup Call is designed to give everyone the resources they need to invent new disruptive activities that offer strong potential for the Group. February 16th, was held 144 teams, from a number of different countries and entities, defended their projects in front of the members of the Group's Management Committee. This event took place at "Le Plateau" innovation space at The Dunes complex to the east of Paris.

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