Societe Generale is constantly developing its open innovation policy, by strengthening its relationship with startups and FinTech and increasing the number of exchanges and collaborations. In doing so, the Group has two aims: to offer them its expertise and to benefit from their knowledge in terms of user experience, new technologies and methods. Improving cooperation with these players means that Societe Generale can identify, from thousands of innovative startups, those which will add value to its activities.

Working in closer partnership with Fintech

With Fiduceo, Societe Generale became the first bank in France to acquire a fintech company. Since then, we have seen a multitude of partnerships, investments, experiments and exchanges, well beyond the borders of France. In 2015, Societe Generale's subsidiary Boursorama announced the acquisition of Fiduceo, a French online personal finance management firm. Thanks to the expertise of this fintech, we were able to develop an account aggregator firstly for the clients of Boursorama, and then for those of Crédit du Nord and Societe Generale.

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Startup flow

Societe Generale launches the Startup radar platform that will connect you with more than 30 innovation leaders within our Group, in order to launch proof of concepts, create commercial and/or strategic partnerships and host your team in our offices. Whether you want to improve or transform the existing banking and insurance sectors, this platform is for you!

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SG Ventures

Societe Generale Ventures, a €150 million cross-functional fund dedicated to innovation, invests in internal and external start-ups. Nine investment areas have been identified to support the development of the business lines, more particularly payments and e-commerce, Open Banking, and services to small and medium-sized companies. Five other, more forward-looking areas complete the business lines to build the bank of tomorrow. Societe Generale Ventures will optimize investments while creating synergies between the Group's activities.


Located in The Dunes, #LePlateau is a space of 1000 m2 with 150 workstations, dedicated to startups. To encourage collaboration between internal and external project teams and French Tech ecosystems, #LePlateau offers an innovative hosting environment, provides support, and makes its resources available for external and internal startups.

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Global Markets Incubators

Global Markets Incubator announces the selection of six fintech companies to join its Open Innovation platform, hosted by Le Swave Paris & Co, in order to build innovative solutions with them. With this launch, Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking is taking a pioneering approach to incubating startups specialising in market activities, while strengthening its support for the Fintech ecosystem. The selected Fintech will benefit from SG CIB's recognised expertise in the market, as well as the support of the Le Swave incubator based in La Dêfense, Paris.

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