Cybersecurity: innovation at its purest

Cybersecurity: innovation at its purest

Given the sophistication of digital attacks, Societe Generale has made cybersecurity a central focus in order to protect its customers, their data, and its Information Systems. Questions for Thierry Olivier, Head of Information Systems Security for Societe Generale Group, on cybersecurity issues in an age when banks are undergoing a digital transformation.


The digital transformation of financial communication

Digital technology is changing every part of the Bank, including the Finance department of Societe Generale where the introduction of a digital platform led to a 30% timesaving in the production of the Registration Document.

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New technologies for stronger cybersecurity

Digital accounts for 86% of our incoming contacts, with 700 million logins per year, mostly from mobile devices. Mobile has been the most-used medium since the end of 2012. This profound change in the bank’s customer relations has heightened the security challenge, which Societe Generale will address by more than doubling its IT budget for cybersecurity and investing in new technologies.

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Car Financing: Transition Towards Digitalisation

CGI, the car financing specialist, brings innovation to its partners with electronic financing records. This unique solution on the market offers many benefits for partner-dealers and for clients. Above all, it brings flexibility and fluidness to the record creation process.

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Appli LAB : the application of co-creation

Societe Generale is a leader in terms of innovation and digital services. It is now giving its clients the opportunity to participate in the development of future version of its Societe Generale Application.
Thanks to the Appli LAB, clients can test new functionalities and share their client experience with the Bank. Their opinion and suggestions will serve to optimise the Application in order for it to fully meet users’ needs.

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Biometric signatures for our Czech clients

Biometric Signatures for our Czech Clients

The new tool detects and records various parameters of the signature, such as the pressure applied to the stylus when individual letters are written, or the speed with which different segments are created. While still offering customers the same level of convenience and maintaining the traditional hand signature, clients also benefit from faster document processing and increased security.

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Business Customer Advisors: all online!

Societe Generale has provided all its Business CRMs (nearly 1,000 people) with touch-screen tablets. With these 4G wifi-equipped tablets, SG's advisors can hold videoconferencing meetings with the bank's experts and introduce Societe Generale solutions to their customers in clear, dynamic formats (contracts, interactive brochures, videos, etc.), while at the same time performing live simulations, diagnostics and offers. This digital solution is bringing CRMs even closer to their customers, not only side-by-side at the branches but also on the go via mobile devices.

Easy and direct access to all financial information

The Shareholder App helps Societe Generale's 300,000 individual shareholders to stay continuously up-to-date on Group news, without missing out on any Group events even when they're on the go. They can also use the app to watch videos, sign up for Societe Generale Club events and access a stock market simulator.

Available on smartphones and tablets using iOS and Android platforms, the app offers instant, simplified access to all the information a shareholder needs. This digital solution is a natural addition to the omni-channel communication options presented to the company's shareholders, including special web pages on the corporate website, a new toll-free telephone number, an e-mail address and face-to-face meetings. In fact, Societe Generale received the top accolade in 2015 for best digital communication by a CAC 40 company (Le Revenu).

Saving time with e-signatures

For the first time on the Georgian market, a bank is offering its customers the option of signing their in-branch loan agreement electronically. E-signatures are a real time-saver for customers, improving quality of service and increasing exposure to new technologies in the country's banking industry. The bank plans to expand the use of e-signatures to other products and services in the near future.

" I am glad that Bank Republic is the first in the market to introduce e-signatures on its installment loans, also being an innovator among other banks from Societe Generale Group. Bank Republic constantly strives to create the maximum comfort for its clients, taking advantage of the cutting-edge banking technologies. It also ensures maximum protection of client data by using internationally accepted security standards. Thus, our clients can save time and manage their finance confidently and safely with us" declared Ramaz Kukuladze, Deputy CEO of Bank Republic.

Telephone, Twitter, Facebook, App: hats off to our quality of service

The Customer Service of the Year 2016 Award, handed out by Viséo Conseil to Societe Generale for the fourth time, acknowledges the commitment of the bank's employees to always stand by their customers and make their everyday banking experience easier, more convenient and more efficient.
The relationship between the bank and its customers is one of trust, built over the long term through a series of many daily interactions. Societe Generale places the greatest importance on being close to its customers and facilitating communications with the bank at the branches, by phone, on Twitter, Facebook and through the App, for a smooth and seamless experience between these various channels.
The bank will continue to expand its digital services, especially via the App, with the aim of making its customers' lives easier, helping them manage their money better in the day-to-day, and making it possible to complete as many transactions as possible on their own.

Customer protection solutions

Security of customer assets has always been a top priority for Societe Generale. At the dawn of the 20th century, we built the largest value in Europe to guard against risks of theft, break-ins and fire. Today, in the age of the Internet and the development of digital communication channels, our goal is still the same: being a trustworthy banking partner at the cutting edge of banking security and in touch with the latest preferences and concerns of our customers as they become increasingly independent, mobile and connected.

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