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Working with a fintech to offer more advantages to our clients

In partnership with OptioPay, a Berlin-based FinTech, the German subsidiary of Societe Generale added mid-March a voucher platform to its advantage portal, "Vorteilswelt" (world of benefits).

Buy a voucher for 75 € and spend 150 €

Hanseatic Bank or co-branded credit card holders can choose, on the platform, vouchers for a wide range of shops such as Amazon, Ikea, Adidas, Esprit or iTunes, worth up to twice the price the customer is paying. A voucher bought for 75 € would for instance allow the customer to purchase 150 € worth in online shops or retail stores.

Working with a fintech to offer more advantages to our clients

A significant added value

Hanseatic Bank's CEO Michel Billon says: "We are always looking for ways to further improve our offers, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing customer experience. In collaboration with OptioPay, we were able to make our Vorteilswelt even more attractive. The improved credit card feature offers a significant added value – for our customers as well as our partners."

With over 400 employees and 10 branches, Hanseatic Bank specializes in four business areas: consumer credit, deposit, insurance and factoring. In particular with its innovative credit card products, Hanseatic Bank offers its retail partners flexible financing models for every distribution channel and at the same time an effective means of building customer loyalty.

Societe Generale at Viva Technology 2016

Bringing startups and top companies together to encourage sharing expertise and potential investments: that was the objective of Viva Technology, an international event held in Paris between 30 June and 2 July, 2016.The organizers invited speakers from our Group to give their viewpoint on blockchain, big data and the role of the digital manager to the 5,000 startups present.

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