Le Plateau

To foster cooperation between internal and external project teams and FrenchTech ecosystems, Le Plateau hosts external and internal startups in an innovative environment, providing support and making its resources available to them. By creating a community for sharing resources, experience and knowledge, Le Plateau offers ideal conditions that foster innovation and value creation for startups.

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FinHACK, a 36-hour FinTech hackathon in Hong Kong

To help promote innovation and the development of Hong Kong’s FinTech ecosystem, Societe Generale and WHub Ltd jointly launched a hackathon on 7-9 July, 2017 at Campfire Creative, a co-working space at Wong Chuk Hang in Hong Kong. The aim was to design and develop innovative solutions addressing business challenges in four main areas: Blockchain / Artificial Intelligence and ChatBots / Big Data / RegTech, InsureTech and WealthTech. Students, entrepreneurs, coders and developers worked together to invent and develop new ideas.

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AURA brings nature into offices

AURA brings nature into offices

Aquaponics comes to the workplace! Founded by Vincent Boissard and Thomas Demerens, two engineers who met in secondary school, AURA aims to contribute to the well being of corporate employees and to dietary self-sufficiency in the heart of cities.

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Love your waste transforms bio-waste into energy

Love your waste transforms bio-waste into energy

Love Your Waste is changing our vision of waste, allowing us to see it not as a problem but a resource, and a terrific economic and social opportunity. Read on to learn more about a startup that is living up to its name.

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Kushim, a portfolio management solution for VCs

What is Kushim’s mission? To provide venture capital funds (VCs) with greater visibility over their investments in order to enable them to do what they do best: meet with start-ups and identify future unicorns.

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BirdyCent, the app that helps you save without thinking

BirdyCent helps you save money effortlessly by rounding up on purchases. Behind this great idea are Fabien Keller and Julien Mortuaire, the co-founders of BirdyLabs, joined by Clément Flinois in 2016. Profile of a FinTech that aims to make saving fun and accessible.

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Learning expedition: innovation “to go”!

Many have said that the innovation ecosystem found in today’s Lisbon is reminiscent, in its dynamism and spirit, of what was happening in Berlin a few years ago. The Learning Expedition (LEX) by the winners of Société Générale’s Group Innovation Prize was a chance to explore this ecosystem on the ground, meet its leaders, see its flourishing start-ups and encounter some determined FinTech’s with firm ambitions.

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Immersion in Portugal’s Silicon Valley

Did you know that Lisbon has an impressive network of start-ups, incubators and coworking spaces? Discover the city’s extensive innovation ecosystem through our Learning expedition, alongside the OuiShare community and the winners of Societe Generale’s Group Innovation Awards.

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Open source development to encourage innovation

As the embodiment of collective intelligence, open source development is an important driver of innovation for Societe Generale's information systems. It is a strategic commitment that has already produced results, as 80% of the Group's development technologies are open source. Use, Contribute and Attract: learn about the three components of Societe Generale's open source strategy.

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Blockchain finance: neither mirage nor reality

"Marrying new Blockchain concepts with the financial world requires the development of underlying technologies able to cope with the constraints of financial activities, notably the levels of performance and privacy as well as the amount of regulatory information required." Christophe Van Cauwenberghe, Head of Payment Innovation, shares his views of the Blockchain.

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Big Data - the devil is in the detail

In 2015, 8,000 gigabytes of data were collected around the world, and this volume is set to double every two years. Big Data can be defined as “all technologies, methods and practices intended to store and rapidly analyse extremely large data sets”. It is an amazing source of new opportunities for businesses.

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Societe Generale at Viva Technology 2016

Bringing startups and top companies together to encourage sharing expertise and potential investments: that was the objective of Viva Technology, an international event held in Paris between 30 June and 2 July, 2016.The organizers invited speakers from our Group to give their viewpoint on blockchain, big data and the role of the digital manager to the 5,000 startups present.

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Blockchain: An opportunity for the banking sector

On 16 June 2016, more than 600 participants and 31 speakers met to discuss the economy of the future at 'Le Big Bang Éco', an event hosted by the newspaper Le Figaro. Françoise Mercadal-Delasalles, Group Head of Corporate Resources and Innovation, was asked to shed light on the subject of Blockchain.

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Open-innovation : the age of the collaborative economy and of co-construction

Open-innovation: ecosystems with clients, start-ups, schools and staff

In the digital era, the biggest innovations in the services sector come from companies that have set up open platforms to leverage the power of the masses. To innovate, a company needs to open up and create ecosystems that involve its stakeholders such as customers, start-ups and universities, as well as staff. This is what is known as open innovation.

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The Collaborative economy by Soon Soon Soon

Paris and the collaborative economy

Tomorrow, Paris will be a city where everyone will be able to improvise in a job for a day (and longer if inclined). Numerous Parisian startuppers seem intent on giving everyone the possibility of inventing their career, releasing themselves from traditional job contracts to multiply their activities in accordance with their fields of interest and improvising in a job in their chosen field. To provide fledgling entrepreneurs with fertile ground to achieve their aims, in recent years Paris has expanded the number of incubators and accelerators. The Soon Soon Soon team has immersed itself in this “Made in France” collaborative economy ecosystem. Welcome to a world of interaction and co-construction!

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#ConnectedBank Futur en Seine 2016 Europe’s largest digital festival

“Futur en Seine Awards 2016” Jury’s Prize

On 10 June, Societe Generale awarded the Jury’s Prize as part of the “Futur en Seine Awards 2016” at the Carreau du Temple in Paris. In addition to the prize money, the winning start-up also received office space at the Le Plateau, an unprecedented 1,000m² dedicated to innovation at Societe Generale’s new building complex Les Dunes in the east of Paris.

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USI: the key European conference on digital transformation

The USI conference, supported by Societe Generale, is held on 6 and 7 June 2016 at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. A European reference on the digital transformation of society, USI provided the 1,200 attendees present the opportunity to share and discuss their ideas on improving their organisations and find out all about the latest innovations

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FinTech: offer more advantages to our clients

FinTech: offer more advantages to our clients

In partnership with OptioPay, a Berlin-based FinTech, the German subsidiary of Societe Generale added mid-March a voucher platform to its advantage portal, "Vorteilswelt" (world of benefits).


SG GSC Accelerator Program CATALYST

CATALYST : Boosting start-ups in India

CATALYST is a 10-week program offered to emerging or mature startup companies in India, launched by Societe Generale for the first time. The selected startups get to work on different themes based on business challenges, with guidance, coaching and mentoring from Societe Generale's subject matter experts.

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Société Générale au 1er Sommet des Start-up

Societe Generale at the first "Sommet des Start-up"

The Group was among the main partners of the first "Sommet des Start-up" (Start-up Summit) organised by Challenges in Paris on the 6th of April 2016. The "France, land of future unicorns" theme brought together 500 participants to hear unicorns, rising start-uppers and business-angels.

Françoise Mercadal-Delasalles, Head of Corporate Resources and Innovation at Societe Generale, took part in the “Big can be smart: when large groups get involved in and drive the start-up culture” round table.

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Innovation: the key to reinventing the banking experience

Technological developments have transformed the way customers experience banking, with a preference for greater mobility and new ways of interacting. Societe Generale has welcomed these technological changes as opportunities to evolve and enrich its relationship with customers and employees alike in all Group business lines, and to reinvent the bank of tomorrow.

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Innovation ideas in Africa

Societe Generale is definitely betting on innovation to pursue its development in Africa. The first Pan African hackathon awards ceremony took place on the 10th February in Dakar. Entitled "Let's reinvent the in-branch customer experience together", this hackathon was open to all developers and start-ups in Sub-Saharan Africa. The hackathon reward ceremony was followed by the announcement of the creation of a Lab in Dakar, designed to stimulate and speed up innovation in all Group subsidiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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To be on the forefront of innovation in the continent

"Africa is an innovation territory and we are determined to be on the forefront of innovation in the continent! The market is not a mature one yet, we must establish ourselves as pioneers. This is why we are creating a structure in Dakar designed to boost and accelerate innovation in all our Sub-Saharan subsidiaries. To speed up the start of this structure, we are launching the first Pan-African Societe Generale hackathon, the winners will be rewarded in Dakar on the 10th February. Through this contest, we hope to uncover innovative ideas that we can prototype and implement in the entire zone.

When it comes to digital technology, Africa is by no means behind. Our role is to facilitate, and even anticipate, all the changes that will be introduced in the way banking services are consumed, to provide now techniques and tools that our clients will ask for tomorrow. We talked about mobile banking earlier. A cultural revolution has undoubtedly started in Africa, we are following it very closely, and not just from a banker's perspective!"

Alexandre Maymat, Head of the Africa/Asia/Mediterranean Basin & Overseas region, International Banking and Financial Services