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Stickers for contactless payment in Montenegro

Societe Generale Montenegro has introduced a new contactless payment product: MasterCard stickers. They enable transactions to be carried out using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology the same way as contactless cards.

Contactless payment for everyday payments up to 15€ and less, simply touch POS with card and payment will be confirmed with slip

Contactless technology is a quick and easy card payment system allowing customers to pay for goods and services without entering a PIN, for amounts below €15 (in Montenegro). The customer only has to put his/her card close to a POS terminal supporting contactless payment to complete the transaction. Furthermore, Societe Generale Montenegro has decided to recommend an SMS info service to all clients using contactless cards, in order to prevent theft.

These innovations are assets for both customers and shopkeepers, as they allow faster transaction times.

Biometric signatures for our Czech clients

Biometric Signatures for our Czech Clients

The new tool detects and records various parameters of the signature, such as the pressure applied to the stylus when individual letters are written, or the speed with which different segments are created. While still offering customers the same level of convenience and maintaining the traditional hand signature, clients also benefit from faster document processing and increased security.

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