Q3 2018 - Quarterly Financial Information

UNDERLYING ROTE OF 11.0% IN Q3 18 AND 11.0% IN 9M 18


9.0%(1) increase in Group revenues in Q3 18 (+4.4% excluding the revaluation of Euroclear securities), driven primarily by International Retail Banking & Financial Services, the rebound in Global Markets and the strong momentum in Financing & Advisory

Costs in line with the 2018 target in French Retail Banking and positive jaws effect in International Retail Banking & Financial Services and Global Banking & Investor Solutions

Good level of profitability: ROTE(1) of 11.0% in Q3 18 and 11.0% in 9M 18

Continued refocusing of the Group through the signing of an agreement for the disposal of Euro Bank (Poland)

Further progress in the resolution of litigation issues

Further strengthening of the balance sheet and risk profile

The Group’s engagement in positive transformation processes recognised through several prizes and awards 



  • Q3 18 revenues(1): EUR 6,530m (+9.0% vs. Q3 17); 9M 18: EUR 19,278m (+2.4% vs. 9M 17) 
  • Q3 18 operating expenses(1): EUR 4,374m (+5.2% vs. Q3 17); 9M 18: EUR 12,968m (+2.5% vs. 9M 17) 
  • Q3 18 Group net income(1): EUR 1,252m (+16.1% vs. Q3 17); 9M 18: EUR 3,721m (+2.9% vs.
    9M 17)
  • Q3 18 Group book net income: EUR 1,234m (+32.4% vs. Q3 17); 9M 18: EUR 3,240m (+18.4% vs. 9M 17)
  • Fully-loaded CET1 ratio: 11.2%
  • 9M 18 Earnings Per Share: EUR 3.62; dividend provision: EUR 1.81 (50% payout ratio)


Fréderic Oudéa, the Group’s Chief Executive Officer, commented:

“Societe Generale published solid results in Q3 18, with a good level of profitability. Our revenues increased due to the confirmed growth in International Retail Banking & Financial Services and the healthy momentum in Financing & Advisory and market activities. The Group pursued its disciplined approach to cost management and the low cost of risk confirms the quality of our loan portfolio. The Group put an end this quarter to the financial impact of the major litigation issues with the US authorities relating to the pre-financial crisis period. Finally, the Group continued to optimise its portfolio of activities, with the announcement of the disposal of its Polish subsidiary. On the back of these various developments and its recognition as one of the most socially responsible banks in Europe, the Group is determinedly and confidently pursuing the implementation of its strategic plan”.


The footnote * in this document corresponds to data adjusted for changes in Group structure and at constant exchange rates.

(1)     Underlying data. See methodology note 5 for the transition from accounting data to underlying data.



  • Antoine Lhéritier - Société Générale 01 42 13 68 99

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