Playing Their Part During The Crisis

In the context of this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to combat the crisis, all economic players are mobilising and playing their part. Through a series of stories, interviews and podcasts, a voice is given to “committed entrepreneurs”, whether they’re business leaders, business owners, or presidents of an association, … driven by the desire to help and take action by adapting their businesses, they responded, turned things around and innovated. In particular, through the French State-guaranteed loan facility, Societe Generale keeps on supporting economic players.

Frédéric Oudéa Chief Executive Officer

We are determined to fulfil our role of supporting the economy. A sense of responsibility and a spirit of commitment have always guided Societe Generale, whether in the exercise of our banking profession in the service of our clients, in our role as employer or in our actions as citizens.


How IT Teams maintained business activity?

Societe Generale IT teams were on the front line to maintain business activities, digital client services and quickly upgrade the remote work capabilities at a large scale. How has it been done and what are the learnings for tomorrow? Carlos Gonçalves CTO of the Group tells us about it in our podcast.

How did Hellfest Productions take action for the Hospital of Nantes (CHU)?

Find out how Hellfest Productions faced the crisis after cancelling its hard rock and heavy metal festival. Benjamin Barbaud, President of the association, supported by Societe Generale for over 15 years, explains how they launched a charity appeal for the Hospital of Nantes (CHU).

How did the bank continue to innovate during the crisis?

Did innovation stop because of the lockdown? New emerging digital uses and services from our clients, what trends for the future of work, Claire Calmejane Chief Innovation Officer of the Group shares her vision for tomorrow, and answers Damien Douani in our podcast.

EdTech ensures students can continue their education

To help fight the crisis, ENACO decided to make their digital campus available free-of-charge to secondary schools and higher education establishments. Having trained more than 25,000 French-speaking students in 88 countries, ENACO is France's leading online business school. The school offers 60 Degree and Diploma courses in Business, Marketing, Management, Finance and HR.

Read the interview with Hélène Lejeune, CEO of ENACO

Committed to hospitals in their region

To face the spread of Covid-19,Jacquart & Fils is a family business in the Hauts de France region that has been manufacturing mattresses and bedding for the past 70 years. They employ up to 170 members of staff during times of high business activity and in 2019, their 3 factories manufactured more than 380,000 mattresses and box springs for the French market.

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Arthur de Padirac Administrative and financial director of the norman Groupe Lemoine

We worked on a project to make special cotton swabs for coronavirus testing. Groupe Lemoine will be able to produce 1.5 million tests per week. In the face of this unusual situation, we requested help from our financial partners and in particular Societe Generale assisted us in the framework of the French State-guaranteed loan facility. With Societe Generale we were able to move forward very well and very quickly, we were able to be very agile and keep in contact.