Pass Pour l'Emploi job fair for disabled people

Only people's abilities count, not their disabilities

One of the largest recruitment fairs in France for disabled people, the 7th edition of the Pass Pour l'Emploi job fair will take place on 19 March 2015 on the Esplanade in La Défense. This gives us an opportunity to talk about Societe Generale's achievements and progress in this area.

"This year, we have designed an enriched and innovative edition so that it can provide not only as many keys to success and useful meetings between people as possible, but also discussions to enhance participants' professional projects, notably by working closer with the various players involved in the disabled universe (businesses, associations, public authorities, disabled people, etc.) in order to talk about and reflect on tomorrow's solutions together."

Sandrine Dhellemmes, Head of Social Integration & Mission Handicap, Societe Generale

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The Group and disabilities - In France

Created in 2007, following an initial corporate agreement to encourage the employment and integration of disabled people in France, Mission Handicap's objective is to recruit, train and integrate disabled staff, either within the Group or elsewhere. Societe Generale in France employed 1,115 disabled employees at 31 December 2014.

In 2014 Societe Generale in France renewed its three-year agreement governing the recruitment and professional integration of disabled employees, covering the 2014-2016 period:

  • it reiterates the Group’s lasting commitment to disabled employees through a non-discrimination and equal opportunity approach, with an initial target of 150 hires over three years. 50 disabled employees were recruited in 2014;
  • it provides for the establishment of multi-disciplinary teams to strengthen prevention actions and career management for employees in a declared or potential disability situation.

The Group and disabilities - Around the world

At the end of 2014, the Societe Generale group had 2,250 disabled staff (using local meanings of the word) worldwide, thus accounting for 1.5% of its total workforce. Disabled staff notably have a greater presence in France, Italy and Germany.

■In Serbia, the "Inclusive Academy" programme, run by staff volunteers from Societe Generale Srbija. This academy helps young people with disabilities enter the job market by enabling them to acquire new skills through workshops and courses. 40 young people have received support since the programme began in 2011, over half of whom have been able to transform this experience into long-term professional integration either within the Bank or elsewhere.

■In Romania, the Czech Republic, Spain, Scandinavia, Turkey and Japan, where awareness, recruitment, integration and support programmes dedicated to disabled staff have been put in place; similar programmes are currently being set up in Algeria.

The "PPE Lab": a time for action and innovation

In 2015, Pass Pour l'Emploi is firmly focusing on the future and on technological innovations. Pioneering corporate exhibition stands help people understand, discover prototypes and attend demonstrations of products that will facilitate disabled people's daily work and private lives. We look at three such innovations.

The RogerVoice app

The RogerVoice makes it possible for the deaf and hard of hearing to make phone calls. It combines voice recognition and telecommunications in real time.

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The Beam telepresence robot

The Beam telepresence robot: very stable (1.65 m tall, weighing 50 kilos and with two wheels), Beam includes a microphone, loudspeaker, screen and two wide-angle cameras, making it easier to handle.

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The Handisco cane

The Handisco cane helps people detect obstacles before they walk into them, thus creating a ‘safe area' around them and enabling them to interact with their environment thanks to GPS positioning.

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