Frank Drouet

Head of Global Markets*

Manager of the Business Unit Global Markets 


Frank Drouet was appointed Head of Global Markets in April 2016. He was previously Head of Global Markets for Asia Pacific since January 2012.

Frank Drouet joined Societe Generale group in 1990, initially working in Basket Trading in Tokyo and then in Zurich as an Equity Option Market Maker. He transferred to Paris in 1996 to take up the position of Head of Warrants Trading. He was appointed Head of Derivatives Trading, Hong Kong in 1997, then moved to Tokyo as Head of Equity Derivatives in Asia in 2003. From 2005, he took up the position of Head of Volatility Trading Europe in the Equity Derivatives division based in Paris. He returned to Asia in 2007 as Head of Equities & Derivatives based in Hong Kong, before becoming Deputy Head of Global Markets for Asia Pacific in 2009.

Frank Drouet is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale Lille and has a Master’s degree from HEC.

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