Societe Generale: the first European bank to be ISO 50001 certified

Nineteen Societe Generale office buildings in the Ile-de-France region have been ISO 50001 certified. This is a strong sign of the Group's commitment to reducing energy consumption in its buildings, making Societe Generale the first bank to be certified in Europe.

Recap of the Group's ambitions

In 2010, Societe Generale signed the Manifesto of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) for the energy efficiency of Buildings, and is now committed to reducing all energy consumption in its buildings. The first ambition is to achieve a 15% reduction between 2012 and 2015, a drop of 5% each year. Under its climate policy adopted before COP 21, the Group set itself a new, even more ambitious target: in 2020, it is aiming to reduce its carbon footprint by 20% compared with 2014.

Always go further

The Real Estate France Shared Services Centre (SSC) teams met the challenge, and the 5% decline per year target was even exceeded. On the strength of that success, the SSC stayed active, and to go even further, wanted to back the trend in energy legislation by completing the ISO 50001 certification process for its buildings.

ISO 50001 International Certification

ISO 50001, entitled "Energy Management Systems," is an international standard that defines the requirements for implementing energy management systems. It spotlights and demonstrates the Group's commitments to preserving the environment and natural resources for the various stakeholders. This certification improves Societe Generale's energy governance and reinforces its best practices. Its aim is to establish and maintain a continuous improvement approach. It implements the targeted and scheduled action plans, measures the results, and, if necessary, adjusts the targets.

Certificate obtained in December 2015

This certification is the result of lengthy preparation and intense involvement from the various players in the Real Estate Division. Issued on 4 December 2015, it is valid for three years and will be up for renewal in December 2018. Between now and then, the RE teams will stay the course, and employees will adopt new habits for streamlining their energy use.

Societe Generale commits to the fight against climate change

The Group has launched its climate policy, setting out a global framework that pulls together and strengthens the various initiatives taken by the Bank over many years to help finance the energy transition and reduce the carbon footprint of its activities.

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