Focus on some sustainable initiatives supported by Societe Generale Equipment Finance

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The Corporate & Social Responsibility is at the heart of the strategy of Societe Generale group and the development of its activities. As part of its CSR policy, Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF) has been supporting sustainable initiatives for several years in order to contribute to improving the environmental impact in the real economy.

What Societe Generale Equipment Finance propose?

It participates in the development of flexible financing solutions for the implementation of E-Buses (urban and suburban public transportation) and E-bikes (self-service bicycles). In addition, a program was launched in Denmark, Sweden and Norway to replace agricultural and forestry machinery to reduce CO2 emissions. 
SGEF also fosters the implementation of energy saving approaches by developing customer-centric usage concepts, such as ENGIE and SIGNIFY.

With the first one, SGEF has implemented a program aiming to equip the city streets and buildings in European countries with LED luminaires. With the second one, they make it easier for investors to invest in renewable energies in Europe thanks to the International Program Agreement.

SGEF and Philips Healthcare have a long-standing partnership to finance medical equipment and concepts in Europe. The joint venture is based on a circular economy processes in which Philips Healthcare Refurbish Systems is a key player. The financed medical equipment is returned to Philips, recycled and put back on the market.

Poseidon Principles

Societe Generale signs the Poseidon Principles

Societe Generale is one of the founding signatories to the Poseidon Principles, in partnership with the Global Maritime Forum and in line with a significant number of the shipping industry’s leading banks.

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