As a committed and responsible partner in tackling today's climate challenges, Societe Generale offers a comprehensive range of finance and advisory services for energy projects around the world. The Group has been active in the renewable energy for over a decade, taking a pioneering role in the funding of renewables, supporting innovative start-ups as well as financing large-scale projects. Today as one of the world's top ten financers of renewable energies, the bank remains more committed than ever to accompanying the development of all industry players. Societe Generale is also the world leader in Liquefied Natural Gas, an energy source helping the shift towards a lower carbon economy and which will play according to the IEA a growing part in meeting world energy needs. Discover our commitments and a few of the financing solutions realised for our clients.


Societe Generale announces the acquisition of Lumo

Lumo is a French fintech that since 2012 has been combining leading expertise in crowdfunding and renewable energies to accelerate the energy transition. It gives individuals and companies the opportunity to help finance a selection of renewable energy projects in France.

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Pierre Palmieri Head of Global Finance & Head of Sustainable and Positive Impact Finance

With this transaction, we are reaffirming our willingness to continually adapt our sustainable and positive impact finance approach by drawing on our innovative skills and pioneering spirit to support the energy transition.

The Fintech Lumo joins Societe Generale

Crowdfunding, a new reality for renewable energy

In order to strengthen regional support for renewable energy projects, and thereby accelerate the energy transition, the French government has decided to systematically encourage crowdfunding in future calls for tenders. Those active in the sector - developers, investors and financing parties - should adapt to this new reality.

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Strengthening our commitments against climate change

"In a responsible manner, and with the will to reinforce our commitment, we have decided to take strong new measures in favour of a less carbon-intensive economy, with on one hand the objective to contribute to raising €100 billion in financing for the energy transition by 2020 and, on the other hand, the strengthening of our sectoral Environmental and Social Oil and Gas policy, " announced Frédéric Oudéa, Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale.

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Promoting the development of renewable energy

Partnerships and financing

Societe Generale is committed to working alongside SMEs and other businesses in support of renewable energies:
Timely financing for the first US offshore wind farm
Unite Hydrowatt
Christophe Mianné: Supporting renewable energies

First 'Green' financing in the maritime transport sector

The European Investment Bank, Societe Generale and Brittany Ferries successfully signed the first green financing in the Green Shipping Guarantee programme. With the acquisition of its new ship "Honfleur", Brittany Ferries confirms its momentum to develop Liquefied Natural Gas, currently the cleanest fuel source, thus contributing to a significant improvement in the environmental performance of its fleet.

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Wind farm in Queensland shapes the future of renewable energy

Expected to be completed in 2018, the Mount Emerald Wind Farm project will have 53 new Vestas wind turbines installed in Queensland, Australia. With a total capacity of 180 megawatts, it is deemed as one of the largest renewable energy developments in the region, bringing numerous long term economic and environmental benefits. The project will help the Queensland Government achieve its target of 50% of electricity supplied by renewable sources by 2030.

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Waste-to-energy: a greener environment for local communities

Through its expertise in environmental financing, Societe Generale is supporting waste-to-energy plants with tangible benefits for local communities. Societe Generale is helping to finance a series of waste-to-energy plants in France and beyond that are not only addressing the waste treatment issue, but also generating energy. They are therefore significantly improving the environment for local communities.

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Supporting renewable energy in Australia

Royalla Solar Farm is Societe Generale’s first solar power project in Asia Pacific and well complements its existing wind, hydro and geothermal portfolio. Societe Generale leverages on its renewable energy project finance and interest rate hedging expertise to contribute to the success of Royalla Solar Farm project, and consequently supporting sustainable development in Australia.

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Generating power for thousands of European households by blowing in the wind

At the heart of its commitment to financing renewable energy, Societe Generale supports major windfarm projects in Europe. Societe Generale will continue to explore opportunities around windfarms and renewable energy following successful involvement in several high-profile projects in the space for the benefit of hundreds of thousands of households

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Supporting the energy transition

Partnerships and financial advice

Societe Generale acts as an advisor in the Liquefied Natural Gas sector, an energy source expected to play an increasingly important role in the world energy industry in the context of a transition to low-carbon energy.
Cheniere Energy: Supporting a key player in the LNG industry

Heading towards more positive impact funding

Bonds and transactions

‘Positive Impact Finance’ aims to define a common methodology for all actors in the financial sector, allowing the identification of projects with a positive impact on at least one of the three key elements of Sustainable Development – the environment, society and economic development – and whose negative impacts are managed in an effective manner.
Success of the second positive impact bond issuance of Societe Generale contributing to the fight against climate change
Societe Generale: success of the first positive impact bond issuance contributing to the financing of a low-carbon economy
The City of Paris launched its inaugural Climate bond
The Positive Impact Manifesto

Socially responsible investments

"When we talk about ‘long term', we're talking about how companies are changing their behaviour."

Félix Orsini, Global Co-Head, Debt Capital Markets Corporate Origination, co-manage a worldwide team of around 40 people whose job is to advise major corporations on all aspects of raising finance in the bond markets.