Biometric Signatures for our Czech Clients

The new tool detects and records various parameters of the signature, such as the pressure applied to the stylus when individual letters are written, or the speed with which different segments are created. While still offering customers the same level of convenience and maintaining the traditional hand signature, clients also benefit from faster document processing and increased security.

With this new technology, clients of Modrá pyramida, Societe Generale's subsidiary in Czech republic, can fill in their contract and sign digitally on the spot, using a biometric signature device, called SignPad.

Biometric signatures for our Czech clients

The digital signature, or e-signature, is immediately encrypted and stored in a secure digital archive. This makes the e-signature much safer than its traditional counterpart that can be easily forged.

Every document with a biometric signature is unique and contains information that prevents any tampering or misuse, making imitating a biometric signature virtually impossible" explained Luděk Kohout, IT Department Manager at Modrá pyramida.

Contactless payment by phone in Poland

Contactless payment by phone in Poland

Clients can now make contactless payments using their mobile phones as quickly and easily as with their bank cards, thanks to new Host Card Emulation-based technology.

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