Societe Generale in Asia

Societe Generale in Asia

A solid presence

Societe Generale’s first presence in Asia dates from the 19th century. Today, we have offices in 11 countries across Asia Pacific. With our regional headquarters in Hong Kong – a core hub of the worldwide Societe Generale Group – we employ over 7,100* employees in the region. Our expertise here ranges from corporate and investment banking to asset management, securities services, global transaction banking and specialised financial services.

*As per 2 January 2016.

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Our strategy in Asia-Pacific

Intensive client engagement, extending our leadership positions and developing medium term growth drivers: Mr. Hikaru Ogata, Chief Executive Officer for Societe Generale Asia Pacific, shares his insights on these three priorities at the heart of Societe Generale's strategy in the region.

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Interview with Mr. Young Cheul Cho, Hyundai Heavy Industry

Mr. Cho, CFO of Hyundai Heavy Industry, located in South Korea, explains the relationship between his group and Societe Generale. But above all the synergies created by this long-term partnership based on real trust between the shipbuilding group and the Bank.

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Growing in Asia

Societe Generale and BPI France have selected 16 French SMEs to participate in the Industry-Infrastructure Mission in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur from 28 May to 3 June 2016. The aim of the mission, implemented by Business France, was to help participating businesses grow internationally. Over the course of this intense week of customised meetings and training, they will have the opportunity to sign contracts in both of these Asian countries.

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Guidance by Societe Generale experts

Michèle Thill, Head of Front Office and Financing Projects - International Banking and Financing Services, and Alain Piou, Head of Sales France Trade Services, in charge of hosting the France Network, offered their support in guiding the 16 SMEs during the Industry-Infrastructure Mission of Excellence in Asia. These three days in Singapore, followed by three days in Kuala Lumpur, are structured around the sharing of expertise by these two members of Societe Generale.

Jean-Claude Moisy, CEO of Pinette Emidecau Industries

Pinette Emidecau Industries is a family business which designs and manufactures large scale machines and systems for the oil, aerospace and automotive industries. Jean-Claude Moisy, director of the PEI group and a Societe Generale customer, took part in the ASEAN Mission.

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Review of the ASEAN initiative with Denis Chloup, Acreos

Acreos designs and manufactures innovative simulation platforms that are used for training lift-truck operators, and also provides complete training solutions. The company works for the construction, mining, handling and lifting, and port sectors. Its Director of International Sales, Denis Chloup, participated in the ASEAN project.

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