The new ecosystems of innovation

To innovate, a company needs to open up and create ecosystems that involve its stakeholders such as customers, start-ups and universities, as well as staff. This is what is known as open innovation.

Open innovation

Develop open innovation to benefit from the creativity of a wide variety of communities (start-ups, students, customers, employees, etc.)

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"Reveal internal start-ups"

Aymeril Hoang, the Group’s Head of Innovation, offers his views on open innovation following his participation at the Societe Generale IT team’s Hackathon.

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First internal Hackathon at Ecole 42!

15 participants, 37 projects, 3 winning teams! The gamble has paid off for the IT Community, which has just organised the first internal Hackathon! On 17 and 18 November, Ecole 42 hosted the Group's members of staff to enable them to imagine innovative applications for mobiles and tablets.


100 students innovate in Bangalore

On 8 and 9 November, Societe Generale held its first Hackathon in Bangalore aiming to reinvent bank branches. For two days, 100 students from 20 Indian universities took up the challenge to "Build an office without boundaries for the digital bank of tomorrow".

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How can we unleash innovation?

A discussion between Françoise Mercadal-Delasalles, Group Head of Corporate Resources, and Kwame Yamgnane, Deputy CEO, Ecole 42, the French IT college

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