"Reveal internal start-ups"

Aymeril Hoang, Group Head of Innovation, offers his views on open innovation following his experiences at the Societe Generale IT team’s Hackathon.

Open innovation is fuelled by the many, the intelligence of external actors but also by our members of staff and our clients. To be truly disruptive, and even result in “big bang” disruption as experts now call it, innovation must be the result of co-creation. We have to go beyond what is known and what is probable. It’s a process in the image of a “shared sandbox”: everyone can play and add new shapes to build castles, even though they know that only 1 out of every 10 ideas will come to fruition.

Societe Generale group is lucky enough to be located in hotspots of the entrepreneurial and digital ecosystem: Paris, New York and London, but also Bangalore, which is very dynamic. We are creating ties with start-ups and increasingly promoting interaction and discussions with our clients. At the moment, our staff are testing new features of the Societe Generale app with certain technophile clients.

Internally, alongside business lines that are working to improve the heart of our activities, we are asking some teams to put themselves 'outside of the box' to test new ideas. The aim is to reveal internal start-ups and our very own Marc Zuckerbergs within the Group. It is with this in mind that we organised the internal Hackathon at Ecole 42. The very format of this type of event generates a new way of looking at issues.

Published on 29/01/2015