First internal Hackathon at Ecole 42!

215 participants, 37 projects, 3 winning teams and 938 tweets and retweets! The gamble has paid off for the IT Community, which has just organised the first internal Hackathon! On 17 and 18 November, Ecole 42 hosted the Group's members of staff to enable them to imagine innovative applications for mobiles and tablets.

The aim was to encourage teams to work in start-up mode: small teams combining a variety of areas of expertise (IT, marketing, design, etc.) undertaking fast-track work in order to produce an innovation. "The very format of this type of event makes it possible to develop a different state of mind and to create a breeding ground for the emergence of internal start-ups", explains Aymeril Hoang, the Group's Head of Innovation.

Collaborative and cross-business co-creation

Over this two-day event, 215 staff divided into 37 teams worked tirelessly to develop applications that will be useful for our customers or for the bank's internal operations. All of the IT divisions participated. The event's innovative format allowed the IT and support divisions to invent new solutions.

Intense competition

Following intense work, the various projects were presented to a panel representing the IT Divisions, Innovation, HR and business lines. Each team had 5 minutes: the schedule was particularly tight! To be chosen, the ideas had to meet four criteria: originality, feasibility, finalisation and quality of the user experience. In line with the Digital For All programme, the projects had to enable new uses to be created for the tablets that will be distributed to staff in 2015.

As well as the three winners, there were numerous other high-quality projects that will probably be developed. "Some excellent ideas were presented. Bring them to life and let them grow; it's up to every one of us to be the torchbearer of our digital transition!", said Alain Benoist, the Head of Group Processus and Information Systems.

Congratulations to the three winning teams

1st prize: FireSG
An app to connect all staff via their tablets

2nd prize: InDx
An app that allows you to decipher the Societe Generale vocabulary

3rd prize: Budget+
An app designed for customers to help them better manage their day-to-day budget

Published on 29/01/2015