Increasingly connected and mobile consumers

From contactless payment by mobile phone to "e-wallets" and money transfers via SMS, new technologies have given rise to a profusion of payment methods. All the players in this rapidly changing segment are striving to outdo each other with innovations to attract increasingly connected and mobile consumers.

The emergence of new payment methods
Point-of-sale payments: "contactless" methods are here
e-wallets, QR codes and more: online and remote payment innovations

Pay Without Taking Out Your Wallet

Questions for Philippe Marquetty, Head of Payment Products and Cash Management at Societe Generale

The payment solutions market has embarked on a profound transformation, with the mobile phone as the medium of choice. In the multitude of innovations, the payment solutions that will survive over the long term are those that combine the qualities of simplicity, security and a sufficiently developed ecosystem of consumers and retail businesses.

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