Digital banking relationships

The rise of the internet has popularised online services and access to data, whose numbers and uses have soared. The widespread adoption of smartphones has highlighted this phenomenon and given people mobility, along with new practices that are transforming the way banks interact with their customers. As personal interactions increasingly take place on social networks, and as fast-moving or even instantaneous discussions become the norm, relationships with banks are becoming both digital and interactive.

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Mobile banking

The first of the trends that this entails: the banking sector is being transformed by the success of mobile banking and paperless transactions. Today, whatever business or service a consumer is using, it's almost always via his or her mobile device, to the point that more than 80% of contacts between a customer and his bank are now being handled digitally. Social networking, online banking and mobile apps are becoming the options of choice for interacting with the bank, finding the solution to a problem or getting easy and instant access to essential banking services.

For consumers, being able to manage personal finances quickly and efficiently is now critical, just like receiving personalised advice or building a relationship over time. Customer satisfaction with service and the formation of a close relationship depend on this speed and efficiency.

Key figures

The Societe Generale banking network has made innovation one of its routes of development

  • It has been named “Service client de l’année 2015”, or Customer Service of the Year 2015 (Viseo Conseil)

  • Its digital services host some 3.1 million mobile customers and more than 57 million connections a month

Using Big Data to better understand customers

Because there are now tools and technologies that make it easier to analyse large quantities of unstructured data, analysing this data has become an important part of the banking relationship. Although banks already know their customers, they lack information about their internet behaviour and multimedia habits. Vast amounts of information are available through traditional channels such as bank branches, but the volume available on the internet and social networks is four times greater (emails, social networks, blogs, etc.).

This phenomenon is making banks change how they communicate with their customers, in order to anticipate and address their needs in a personalised, interactive way. Big Data will transform the banking relationship and encourage the creation of new services which meet customers' expectations (personalised products and services). Predictive analysis can be used to understand customers' current needs and anticipate future needs.

Making security central to the digital banking relationship

As more and more online services are developed and the number of access methods grows, opportunities for fraud are increasing due to the sophistication of cybercrime techniques. Big Data makes it possible to establish a proactive policy aimed at preventing such fraud, and gives banks the chance to react almost in real time by analysing and cross-referencing massive amounts of information worldwide.

The bank is also developing value-added features that enable its customers to carry out an increasing number of their transactions online, while minimising risks. With contactless payment, mobile terminals can give direct or indirect access to bank accounts. Systems must therefore be updated regularly in order to remain secure. Data protection is a key issue, both for cloud servers that process payments and for consumers' smartphones and tablets.

Societe Generale's online customer relations

  • Interactive customer relations on social media, with replies on Twitter within 30 minutes at @SG_etvous

  • A policy of co-creating with and actively listening to customers on the "SG et vous" platform, the first collaborative banking relationship platform in France

  • The "Agence Directe", a 100% online bank branch

  •, a website that highlights all Societe Generale's online services.

New ways to pay

Another aspect of the digital banking relationship is the emergence of new contactless payment methods, an attractive feature for mobile phones. Here too, this revolution is developing in accordance with new consumer behaviours and expectations.

New ways to pay