Since risk management requires much more than just monitoring tools and procedures, we constantly cultivate a strong risk culture shared by all our employees.

Risk taking is really at the heart of the business. One of our key target today is to make the risk management a real competitive advantage and differentiating factor.

Séverin Cabannes, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Sharing the same “culture RISK"

As part of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) initiative we launched in 2011, we strive to reinforce our risk steering and management, for example by:

  • constantly improving our management of risk appetite, which this is defined as the level of risk, by type and by business, that the Group is willing to take in relation to its strategic objectives. This is one of the key organisational tools available to our executive bodies
  • reinforcing and streamlining our risk management systems to make them simpler and more effective
  • implementing an ambitious programme to reinforce our risk culture across all businesses and at all levels of the company. This is based on initiatives to raise awareness and train our employees, particularly regarding accountability and individual risk awareness, that the “culture RISK” project intends to reinforce within our Group.

A comprehensive strategy: intranet information portal, special prize in our “Innov’Group” Awards, meetings with other professionals dealing with risk management, dedicated training tools, etc.