Team spirit

Our collective strength affords us an exceptional ability to motivate our teams. Fifty years ago, our chairman Maurice Lorain could already state: "Societe Generale's main virtue was, is, and must remain, its team spirit!" 

The Webb Ellis Cup: rugby’s Holy Grail

June 1987. The first ever Rugby World Cup was held in New Zealand and Australia. In front of their home crowd, the All Blacks defeated the French in the final and lifted the Webb Ellis Cup. A splendidly illuminated trophy as we approach the final at Twickenham...

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Making rugby the major sport it is! Sport-Banque: the “Club Athlétique de la Societe Generale” (CASG) magazine

January 1905. From its very first issue, Sport-Banque, the magazine published by the Club Athlétique de la Société Générale (CASG), strove to encourage people to play rugby. These relentless efforts helped, through the press, to popularise rugby in France’s collective psyche.

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Societe Generale and rugby: watch a timeline of our historic commitment

Societe Generale became the official bank of French rugby in 1987. Today, the bank promotes its brand from grassroot to top level and is strongly associated with rugby's values. This deeply-rooted commitment has actually started at the beginning of the last century.

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