Entrepreneurial spirit

A long entrepreneurial adventure serving fellow entrepreneurs. Ever since its establishment in 1864, Societe Generale has been grounded in the economy and has fully embraced its role of supporting companies at key stages of their development.

The bank's ambition is to "support the development of trade and industry". This corporate purpose has traversed the decades, combining the promise of a relationship bank with our primary goal of bringing our clients' projects to life.

Societe Generale has been helping Sabarot grow for the last 141 years!

From the outset, Societe Generale – founded in 1864 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – has supported companies' development and has contributed to the sustainability of their business. Having already worked with Sabarot-Wassner, a producer of pulses, red berries, mushrooms and snails in the Haute-Loire region of France, for the last 140 years, in 2015 Societe Generale is still helping that company with its international development.

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Over one hundred years in Morocco

In 2013, Societe Generale celebrated one hundred years of our presence in Morocco. We take a look at this history and the resounding success of one of our largest subsidiaries on the African continent.

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Sir Edward Blount (1809-1905): a British citizen at the head of Societe Generale

Edward Blount, the British financier, was one of the founding fathers of Societe Generale, of which he ultimately became Chairman. Profile of a Francophile banker with many talents, who left his mark on the Group's history.

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