Societe Generale: closely aligned with business leaders

Laurent Goutard – Head of Societe Generale Retail Banking in France Societe Generale supports companies experiencing growth, helping them develop their business and conquer new markets.
More than 150 years ago, Societe Generale was founded by entrepreneurs with the goal of fostering the development of trade and industry in France. Since then, working alongside businesses has been central to its strategy. Societe Generale seeks to strengthen this longstanding commitment so as to better serve businesses and contribute to the renewal of economic growth in France.

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Societe Generale's commitment to entrepreneurs means helping their companies grow and contributing to their long-term success.

Leveraging its strong local presence and its committed teams, Societe Generale works side by side with entrepreneurs, assisting with day-to-day management and supporting them at key junctures.

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Being there at each key moment in the life of the company

Creating a business, financing its development, expanding internationally, handling difficulties, managing day-to-day operations, expanding through external growth and transferring ownership are all key moments in the lives of the companies supported by Societe Generale.

Societe Generale fulfils its commitment by capitalising on the quality of its long-standing relationships with its entrepreneur clients and its ability to offer customised solutions thanks to the diversity of expertise at its disposal.

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Tailor-made solutions

Specialised advisors hold together this close working relationship. They put the Group's network of experts to work in order to help entrepreneurs finance equipment, carry out investments and conduct key operations in the interest of the business and its managers alike.

Societe Generale is also their partner for international expansion, thanks to its network of offices and subsidiaries in nearly 80 countries.

Finally, Societe Generale supports entrepreneurs over the long term, helping to secure the sustainability of their businesses.

Our clients share their stories: watch the videos

Sabarot: setting a course for export

For the Sabarot company, financing purchases and securing transactions internationally is a real challenge. Each year, it imports raw materials and exports its products to approximately 50 countries, exposing itself to a multitude of currencies and commercial practices. The company needs to be able to anticipate currency and non-payment risks to protect its sales margins and profitability and to have the means to grow.

Serving the financing needs of French companies: key figures

  • €19 billion: total new financing available every year to French businesses through the Societe Generale network

  • +10,000 business clients in France by 2016, with Societe Generale determined to be the leading banker for client firms

  • 1,880 business professionals on the Societe Generale and Crédit du Nord networks (advisors and customer relationship assistants) distributed across 360 business centres and agencies

  • 250 Societe Generale private bankers and 100 experts operating from eight regional centres and close to 100 branches throughout France

  • The average job tenure of business advisers has doubled since 2008, rising to four years

  • Reduction in response times to loan applications: under five days for four out of every five applications

  • 87% of business clients would recommend Societe Generale

Tomorrow: 50% of women bosses?

President of Maviflex, a company with 125 employees specialising in automatic and flexible doors, Anne-Sophie Panseri is also the President of Femmes Chefs d’Entreprise (FCE) France. This association of female CEOs has just signed a partnership agreement with Societe Generale to support female entrepreneurship.


Bris Rocher, an entrepreneur with a long-term view

Bris Rocher is the grandson of Yves Rocher, the company's founder. He took over the Group's leadership in 2010 and is developing the company by capitalising on its three pillars: a family group, affordable products and a natural brand image.

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In business as in rugby: a real "human adventure" for Mohed Altrad

French company Altrad was created in 1985 via the purchase of a French scaffolding company facing bankruptcy. Mohed Altrad, its Chairman, diversified the company by incorporating cement mixers and grew it through numerous acquisitions, mergers and creations around the world. This remarkable career led him to be named EY World Entrepreneur on 6 June 2015.

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The evolution of corporate financing

In the Eurozone, businesses* usually finance their debt through bank loans for the first two thirds of the amount and bond issues for the remaining third. It's the exact opposite in the United States, with two thirds of corporate debt financed through the markets. An analysis by Clémentine Gallès, Head of Macro-Financial Studies.

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With rugby and with his company, Emile Ntamack maintains his successes

A former winger for Toulouse and the French national team, prior to ending his playing career Emile Ntamack launched his own brand of sports equipment and clothes, something he is still doing today whilst remaining highly involved in rugby circles.

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Our clients

  • CEME group,

    A long-term commitment

    Already an established partner of the electrical and climate control group CEME, Societe Generale was able to provide them with a full and wide-ranging service at a key point in their history - the reorganisation of their ownership structure - thanks to the strong synergies between its different business lines.

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  • Crafts,

    A special platform for supporting crafts businesses

    As a long-standing partner of entrepreneurs everywhere, Societe Generale endeavours to target the specific needs of this sector, which accounts for 25% of its self-employed and very small enterprise (VSE) clientele, with innovative solutions for supporting their businesses.

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