Promoting golf, its renown and popularity

Societe Generale has been supporting The Evian Championship, one of the five major championships on the LPGA tour, since 2008. Through this longtime partnership, the Group contributes to the sport renown and popularity all around the world. In France, the Bank is an official sponsor of the French Golf Federation : we support its members in their pursuit and love of the sport. 


The Innovation Playground

2018 initiative presentation and back in 2017 pictures

In partnership with The Evian Championship and following the 2016 and 2017 editions, Societe Generale will renew the Innovation Playground initiative during the Tournament 2018, from the 13th to the 16th of September. After the positive results of the first two editions, and in addition to the usual partners (Le Plateau and Le Tremplin), IBM will join the operation to give a new dimension to the event. As part of this operation, eight startups were chosen based on their ability to propose an innovation bringing an added value to the Tournament experience.

The project holders

Le Plateau (Societe Generale): 1,000 m2 dedicated to Open Innovation

To foster cooperation between internal and external project teams and FrenchTech ecosystems, Le Plateau hosts external and internal startups in an innovative environment, providing support and various resources. By creating a community for sharing resources, experience and knowledge, Le Plateau offers ideal conditions that foster innovation and value creation for startups. The Innovation Playground is a continuation of the Open Innovation approaches of Societe Generale and Le Plateau: be open to different ecosystems and business sectors to enrich services and offers.

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Le Tremplin: the world's first sports innovation hub

Le Tremplin is the world's first Sports Innovation platform. Launched in 2015 in Paris, it has since grown into a dynamic hub which brings together more than 60 sport-related startups with close to 30 large corporate and institutional partners around mentoring, workshops, conferences and events. Societe Generale, partner of Le Tremplin, is always seeking to share its expertise with the incubated startups, while taking inspiration from their skills in user experience, new technologies and methodologies.

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IBM: new Partner of the Innovation Playground

IBM has been partner of The Evian Championship for 18 years. Its solutions allow fans to live a connected experience during the Tournament. The official leaderboard and the digital platforms are updated in real time thanks to IBM technologies. The official mobile application also relies on the expertise of the computer manufacturing giant. For the third edition, IBM joined the Innovation Playground project in order to give it a new dimension.

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The selected startups

My Jomo: the smart video badge

My Jomo is the first connected, customisable video badge for sales or event professionals. The device can display any internet or smartphone image (image, text and even video) in real-time on HD screen.

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Livebotter: smart brands are on Messenger

Livebotter works on designing, developing and improving chatbots for large companies. We spend more and more time on our phones but this time is used on less and less applications. Livebotter enables brands to join Messenger, one of the most used applications. It is a direct and innovative channel helping brands to maximise the service provided to their communities.

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Air Print: printing spectacular imagery on grass

The print-on-grass solution of AirPrint offers advertisers an unmatched visibility by transforming the turf into a wonderful means of communication.

Connecting Food: the Blockchain Technology dedicated to the Food System

The first digital blockchain solution checking that each product respects its promises all along the chain as if an auditor was present 24/7 at each step of the distribution. Consumers can see the results with a click by scanning the product to have details of its actual journey and check that quality commitments are respected. Connecting Food has a two-fold mission: prove that products live up to their promises and prove that producers are fairly paid.

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iFarming: the real-time irrigation control system

“Phyt’Eau” is an innovative and high-precision irrigation solution developed by the start-up iFarming, specialized in web and mobile apps for agriculture and environment. It can produce a real-time simulation of a plant’s water needs based on pedoclimatic conditions. An example: development of an eco-friendly golf course consuming less water thanks to sensors and algorithms predicting the optimum quantity of irrigation.

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Cy-Clope: a better management of smoking areas

Cy-clope has created the Cy-clopers. A solution improving the management of smoking areas by collecting cigarette ends for a more sustainable environment.

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Datakalab: the Neuromarketing consulting laboratory

A Brain Tech start-up using neuroscientific tools to measure consumers’ emotions at all points of contact with brands. The objective is to have a better understanding of what spectators feel during an event like The Evian Championship.

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Pop’n link: a new connected lifestyle

Pop’n link introduces a new user experience, a new move, a new way of using smartphones for a more prosperous business. By just holding a smartphone on a POP for a few seconds, user is instantaneously offered a new universe of digital services tailored and related to the POP location (restaurant, hotel, office, event, store, museum, …), optimizing business processes and workflows.

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The first two editions of the Innovation Playground

Relive the first two editions of the Innovation Playground

8 startups from Le Tremplin (which means springboard, and is a Paris&Co incubator in the field of sport) and the Plateau were able to exhibit their solutions during the 2016 and 2017 editions of The Evian Championship. Some of them were even able to establish a long-term presence at the event, like Vogo Sport, which now offers its solution to guests at each edition of this golf tournament.

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Disabled golf: coming together to share the same passion

The Handigolf association helps persons with disabilities play golf. Societe Generale supports this association so all members can live out their dreams.

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