Supporting people with disabilities

How can we participate in the integration of people with disabilities? We have identified four priorities: recruitment, training, job retention and relations with the designated disability sector.

Promoting the integration of employees with disabilities

Created in 2007, Mission Handicap aims to promote the employment and professional integration of employees with disabilities, thereby formalising a much earlier commitment.

Managed by a team of seven dedicated professionals, Mission Handicap partners with many associations in France (ADAPT, APF, UNAPEI, APEC, and dedicated to youth (Arpejeh)).

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Encouraging the professional integration of people with disabilities

Annually for the past five years, the “Pass pour l’Emploi” event helps people with disabilities to integrate into the workplace.
Created from a partnership between Societe Generale and ADAPT and organised alongside 40 of the largest French companies, this recruitment forum has become a reference in the Paris region.

The 2013 edition of “Pass pour l’Emploi” attracted 2,500 applicants. Ten associations were present at the forum, and four employment assistance workshops were organised.

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Supporting the designated disability sector

The designated disability sector helps to contribute to the professionalisation of employees with disabilities. In 2012, Societe Generale achieved a turnover of €3.7 million from the designated disability sector. In particular, the distribution of internal mail in the branch network is now provided by 70% of employees with disabilities. Other services provided include catering, printing, scanning, video-coding of cheques, audio-visual services, events, signage, cleaning, and more.

Supporting Paralympic sports

Since 2003, our Group has participated in the Paralympic movement by supporting the Fédération Française Handisport and the Fédération Française du Sport Adapté disabled sports federations.

This support is reflected by national-level assistance and to, for example, clubs and regional federal structures, during sporting events, equipment acquisition, and more.

Our employees are also involved in volunteering to organise some events during the 2013 Championnat du Monde d’athlétisme handisport.

Ensuring accessibility for all

Supporting people with disabilities starts with ensuring the accessibility of our facilities, our employees, our customers and our partners.

For the comfort of all our customers, an extensive program was launched in 2008 to:
- ensure all our branches comply with the strictest standards of accessibility for people with reduced mobility,
- extend this requirement to service counters, strong rooms, parking and pathways,
- equip our ATMs with audio kits to facilitate use by the visually impaired.

Beyond the accessibility of our facilities, we have also taken care to ensure the digital accessibility of our websites, and intellectual access to our PDF documents to the public as a partner of the AcceDe project