Citizen Commitment

At Societe Generale, we put our Citizen Commitment into practice through the initiatives of the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity and the involvement of both our retired and current employees. We strive to demonstrate each commitment through practical actions undertaken in partnership with charitable organisations working at local, national and international levels.


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Societe Generale strengthens its commitment to assist young people entering the job market

Societe Generale is combining its civic and patronage commitments to promote the integration of young people through sport and cultural activities.

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We have been part of something bigger

The final of the Citizen Commitment Games took place Saturday 14 June in Marcoussis, near Paris. Staff from all around the world came along to take part in this event which enabled €790,000 to be raised for the Group's partner charities.

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Citizen Commitment

Our Group encourages and promotes citizen commitment from all its employees. To share the solidarity-based initiatives undertaken through our Foundation, a dedicated website has been created. It describes all the opportunities for our employees to make personal commitments, in France or abroad.


The Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity

Since 2006, the Foundation has supported professional integration by helping young people into employment and by tackling illiteracy. In 2015, it is widening its scope to include education and inclusion. For two years, the Foundation is choosing to extend its fields of intervention to support for charitable projects using sport or cultural activities to promote the education and/or inclusion of people facing difficulties. In 2013, 90 projects were funded in France and abroad, with a total budget of €2.3 million.

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Some subsidiaries have also created their own foundations

Talents & Partage: encouraging our employees' initiatives

With the French association Talents & Partage, not only our employees, but also their partners and children and retired employees can become involved in solidarity-based projects or find support for projects they are involved in, worldwide.