Citizen Commitment

At Societe Generale, we put our Citizen Commitment into practice through the initiatives of the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity and the involvement of both our retired and current employees. We strive to demonstrate each commitment through practical actions undertaken in partnership with charitable organisations working at local, national and international levels.

  • Bike Ride 2013 - Paris / Londres à vélo

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  • Societe Generale "Asia Pacific Bike Ride" 2013 in Seoul

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The Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity

Since 2006, the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation for Solidarity has been ceaselessly promoting the professional integration of people who are marginalised or at risk of being marginalised. The Foundation relies on the associations it supports, creating pathways to employment (workforce integration through economic activity, training, the fight against illiteracy etc.). In 2012, 93 projects were funded in France and abroad, with a total budget of €2 million.

Some subsidiaries have also created their own foundations, such as the Societe Generale Institute in Brazil, the Jistota Foundation in the Czech Republic and the SG UK Charitable Trust in the United Kingdom.

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Our Group encourages and promotes citizen commitment from all its employees. To share the solidarity-based initiatives undertaken through our Foundation, a dedicated website has been created: It describes all the opportunities for our employees to make personal commitments, in France or abroad.


  • Probono : une journée de mécénat de compétences à revivre / Flash back on a mentoring event

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Talents & Partage: encouraging our employees' initiatives

With the French association Talents & Partage, not only our employees, but also their partners and children and retired employees can become involved in solidarity-based projects or find support for projects they are involved in, worldwide.