Partner of Public Economy markets

The Bank accompanies Public Economy players by providing them with customised solutions and by supplying them with its own and its subsidiaries’ expertise.

Financial partner of local authorities

Within a restricted economic and regulatory environment, Societe Generale is continuing to undertake its activity in favour of local authorities.

Its presence and its knowledge of Institutional Investors enable it to provide, notably via co-financing, innovative financing solutions and to give long-term guarantees (for the future) regarding the availability of the necessary resources to finance local projects.

Its specialised subsidiaries are available to provide cost-cutting solutions by outsourcing the management of targeted services:

  • ALD, vehicle fleet management subsidiary;
  • CGA, factoring subsidiary;

Its trading floor teams are available to help clients manage interest rate risks within the framework of the latest government legislation and other regulations.

Partner of urban and rural planning

The creation of a division incorporating all real-estate business lines makes it possible to respond to the specificities of local and regional planning requests in a coordinated and customised manner:

  • financing of urban and rural planning projects by Societe Generale’s regional offices;
  • real-estate development by SOGEPROM and its local subsidiaries;
  • financing of real-estate development by the CIG (“Crédit Immobilier Général”), an agency devoted to financing real-estate professionals;
  • real-estate leasing by our subsidiaries (SOGEBAIL etc.)

Partner of Social Housing businesses

A distributor of social housing loans, Societe Generale makes all of its banking services available to social housing bodies:

  • short-term cash loans, medium and long-term loans for land or real-estate acquisitions, pre-financing of CDC loans;
  • rent management, debt collection;
  • investments via savings accounts, high-yield charge accounts in accordance with council housing regulations.

Partner of the public sector in France and Europe

The trust shown by its clients allows Societe Generale to enjoy leadership positions in numerous areas of public financing:

  • one of the leading companies in terms of bond and treasury bond issues for the public sector;
  • main financer of rolling stock in the form of leasing on behalf of local and regional authorities;
  • main financer of transport projects in Europe.

For further information about our entire offer, please contact your usual specialised adviser, or the Public Economy markets Department on +33 (0)1 42 14 24 41.