Crédit du Nord: a strong culture of local relationships

With in-depth knowledge of the local economic market, the Group’s banks are structured as veritable SMEs with considerable autonomy in managing their business. As such, they are able to make quick decisions and expediently respond to customer requests.

Eight regional banks

Across France, the eight regional banks of the Crédit du Nord Group – Courtois, Crédit du Nord, Kolb, Laydernier, Nuger, Rhône-Alpes, Tarneaud and Société Marseillaise de Crédit – operate with a high level of independence and have a perfect knowledge of the local economic fabric. Customers enjoy all the advantages of a regional bank on a human scale coupled with those of a nationwide banking group.

The Crédit du Nord Group

Carte du réseau Crédit du Nord : Huit banques régionales (carte de France)


For figures as of 31 December 2017

  • 8 regional banks

  • 1 stockbroking firm: Gilbert Dupont

  • A network of 851 branches

  • Close to 7,700 employees

  • More than 2.5 million individual customers

  • 305,000 professional and not-for-profit customers

  • 50,000 business and 5,700 institutional customers

Building strong individual ties

The excellent quality of the relationships built every day by the banks in this network, which are based on personal attention and advisory services, is reflected in the competition surveys. Those conducted by CSA with the customers of major French banking groups this year gave the Crédit du Nord Group a joint first on the individual and corporate customers market. It ranks second on the professional customers market. The Crédit du Nord Group banks also won three prizes as part of the
Banking Quality Awards, among the 17 banking groups on the panel: Crédit du Nord is ranked first in the “Website” category; second in the “Project adviser” category, and third in the “Daily adviser” category.