Our Financial services offering is built on our expertise in three businesses: insurance, vehicle leasing and fleet management, and vendor and equipment finance.These specialised businesses complement our universal retail bank,strong synergies in the many countries in which we operate.


Societe Generale Insurance,Insurance business line of Societe Generale Group, covers the needs of the Group individual, professional and business customers for saving, life insurance, personal protection and property & casualty insurance.

In accordance with integrated bank insurance model, the life and non-life insurance companies of Societe Generale Insurance offer to the Group, French and International networks, a full range of insurance products and services within six products categories: individual savings, credit-life insurance, retirement savings, individual personal protection, collective protection, non-life insurance and various risks.

Societe Generale Insurance is a leading actor in the bancassurance market in France and delivers its know-how for 20 years abroad.develops its expertise in general insurance and life insurance products through its two companies in France.

  • Sogecap, Societe Generale’s life insurance and savings company, designs a broad range of insurance products for individual, professional and corporate customers (life insurance, retirement savings schemes, personal protection and more).
  • Sogessur  is Societe Generale’s property and accident insurance provider. It offers a full range of insurance products for individuals (auto and home insurance, personal accident and life insurance, school insurance and more). Sogessur also insures the payment methods the Group provides to individual, professional and not-for-profit customers.
  • Oradéa Vie is the life insurance company of Societe Generale Insurance, 100% subsidiary owned by Sogécap, dedicated to external partnerships in France. Its partners, independent wealth management advisor, large broker networks, asset management companies and asset management banks, trust Oradéa Vie to develop their life insurance activities.

The insurance business line is present in 13 countries and holds leading positions:

  • France: #6th largest life insurer and #5th largest Bankinsurance
  • Czech Republic: #2nd largest Life Insurer
  • Morocco: #3rd largest life Insurer
  • Luxembourg: #6th largest life Insurer
  • Romania: #6 largest life Insurer

Vehicle leasing and fleet management

Present in 41countries, with over 178,000 clients and more than 1 million managed vehicles, ALD Automotive is one of the world’s leading vehicle leasing and fleet management companies.

ALD Automotive has been developing and delivering a complete range of solutions for controlling, managing and optimising corporate vehicle costs. In France, ALD Automotive won the "Best Customer Service Award 2016"* in the Long-term Car Leasing category, an award it has received for eight consecutive years.

* Awarded by Viséo Conseil 

Vendor and equipment finance

Societe Generale Equipment Finance is the European leader in equipment finance for a broad range of businesses, from SMEs to large international companies. Societe Generale Equipement Finance also supports equipment manufacturers and distributors working in the transport, industrial equipment and high-tech sectors by meeting their equipment and vendor financing needs.

As the leading company in Europe and No. 3 worldwide, SGEF operates in 40 countries, employs 3,500 people and manages a portfolio of EUR 17.1 billion in credit outstandings. It has a broadly diverse customer base, to whom it offers a varied range of products (financial leasing, loans, leasing, purchase of receivables, etc.) and services (insurance, truck leasing with services).

Often recognised by the leasing industry, in 2015 Societe Generale Equipment Finance was named “SME Champion of the Year” for the fourth consecutive year and “Vendor Finance Provider of the Year” in 2014 and 2015, as well as "European Lessor of the Year" in 2015*. 

* Leasing Life Awards 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015