Societe Generale nurtures and accelerates innovation in order to better serve its clients, integrating all the potential avenues offered by digital. For new uses, new services: the bank is committed to anticipating the needs of its clients and to inventing new banking solutions to meet them.

Frédéric Oudéa Chief Executive Officer

New technologies, new client behaviours: we see this enthusiasm for digital solutions as an excellent opportunity to reinvent all aspect of the bank of tomorrow. An opportunity to develop new value-added services for our clients, real-time and personalised services available on a large scale.

Improving customer service with innovation and a digital culture

We are renewing our relationship to our clients by transforming our tools and our working methods. We are reinventing our services without changing our fundamental role, that of supporting our clients as closely as possible, advising them, helping them to best manage their finances and making their daily lives easier.


Opening an account 100% online thanks to biometrics

For the first time in France, a bank offers its customers the possibility of opening an account entirely online, with no mandatory transfer, using biometric facial recognition with a dynamic selfie in order to verify the identity of the future customer. Societe Generale aims to achieve 30 % of new accounts opened online by 2020 (compared with 10% at present).

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Working in partnership with FinTechs

With Fiduceo, Societe Generale became the first bank in France to acquire a fintech company. Since then, we have seen a multitude of partnerships, investments, experiments and exchanges, well beyond the borders of France. In 2015, Societe Generale's subsidiary Boursorama announced the acquisition of Fiduceo, a French online personal finance management firm. Thanks to the expertise of this fintech, we were able to develop an account aggregator firstly for the clients of Boursorama, and then for those of Crédit du Nord and Societe Generale.

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Internal Startup Call

Societe Generale has launched a major intrapreneurship programme known as Internal Startup Call. Open to all Societe Generale Group employees worldwide, starting this week, the Internal Startup Call is designed to give everyone the resources they need to invent new disruptive activities that offer strong potential for the Group. February 16th, was held 144 teams, from a number of different countries and entities, defended their projects in front of the members of the Group's Management Committee. This event took place at "Le Plateau" innovation space at The Dunes complex to the east of Paris.

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Le Plateau: 1,000 m2 dedicated to open innovation

Le Plateau, located in the Les Dunes complex, has an important place in the network of existing external coworking sites. To foster cooperation between internal and external project teams and FrenchTech ecosystems, Le Plateau hosts external and internal startups in an innovative environment, providing support and making its resources available to them. By creating a community for sharing resources, experience and knowledge, Le Plateau offers ideal conditions that foster innovation and value creation for startups.

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