"Motion", electronic symphony by Rone and François-Xavier Roth

After completing a 12 minute composition, Rone worked with orchestral arranger Romain Allender to record the piece with the orchestra Les Siècles, accompanied by pianist Vanessa Wagner, and conducted by François-Xavier Roth and supported by Societe Generale.

"Motion" finds its roots in the advertisement spot of the new brand platform "You are the future", launched at the end of 2018. For this spot, Societe Generale asked Rone to come up with an original musical composition. As soon as it got public, the music became the object of a real craze and Rone received many requests for a long version. 

Motion : the making of the electronic symphonia of Rone

Rone and Societe Generale got together and thought of an unusual encounter : Rone, the orchestra Les Siècles (70 + musicians), supported by Societe Generale, and 19 amateur musicians who also work at Societe Generale, led by conductor François-Xavier Roth and accompanied by pianist Vanessa Wagner, created a 12-minute electronic symphony. 

Rone worked with orchestral arranger Romain Allender, known for his work with Alexandre Desplat. The whole was imagined and produced by General POP. 

The track was released on April, 19th to raise money for the non-profit organisation "Orchestres à l’école" which aims to support the development and advancement of orchestras in schools.

To listen to the music, click here