The most innovative mobility provider

The mobility solutions offering is evolving rapidly with the emergence of new players, new solutions and breakthrough technologies. In light of these trends, ALD Automotive is positioning itself to be at the centre of this changing environment by proposing flexible solutions to meet the evolving mobility requirements of its customers.

Innovative solutions

ALD Automotive offers a set of tools to meet fleet managers’ and drivers’ daily needs, from advanced reporting tools to dedicated driver applications. Users’ feedback enables ALD Automotive to enhance functionality and ergonomics in real time, in line with its clients’ expectations.

My ALD is the unique and complete portal and app for drivers and fleet managers to manage the ALD services and vehicle: vehicle and rental contract information, reporting tool, car selector, online maintenance and repair requests, personalised alerts, fuel consumption...

Digitally enhanced mobility

Sustainable mobility solutions

The ALD Bluefleet label brings together pragmatic environmental actions that are available worldwide. Emission-oriented fleet analysis allows customers to measure the precise footprint of their worldwide fleet and associating levers to reduce their emissions. Eco-driving training is available in most countries where ALD operates and the ALD ECODRIVE mobile app helps users optimise their driving in an eco-friendly and playful way. The international carbon offset programme is available worldwide, for which some of ALD Automotive's subsidiaries received the “European CSR Award” in 2013 at the European Commission’s offices.

New mobility solutions

A pioneer in mobility solutions, ALD Automotive is also continuously challenging its offer and innovating to be able to guarantee the best products to its customers. We have always placed sustainable mobility at the heart of this development policy. Here are a few recent innovation initiatives. 

ALD Electric is a service that provides analysis, advice and support relating to equipping fleets with electric vehicles. ALD Automotive, which has over 3,500 electric vehicles on the road, is playing an active role in the introduction of this new type of vehicle to the company car market and provides full guidance to its customers choosing this solution.

ALD sharing, the car sharing solution incorporates a fleet of vehicles for use by any of customer’s members of staff. Booking a car for professional or personal use is possible through an internet platform. It is easy to use, flexible, cost efficient and ecological as one car is shared between several drivers.

ALD Railease combines the use of a rail pass with long-term vehicle leasing. Thanks to its versatility, customers’ staff members can take full advantage of public transportation while having the flexibility of a personal vehicle when needed.

Along with these offers, some ALD Automotive entities propose ALD Companybike, enabling the lease driver to include a bicycle (conventional or elerctrically-assisted) in the contract as a healthy alternative for short distance trips.