Customer satisfaction is regularly surveyed within French network. The level of customer satisfaction over time is used to determine employees’ variable remuneration component, it being noted that individual sales commissions were done away with several years ago.
Societe Generale is currently recognised as the leading mobile bank(1), the most reactive bank on Twitter and the only French brand to have received a #TwitterAward for its commitment to answering all queries on Twitter within 30 minutes(2). With over 900 million connections in 2016 (up 11% year on year), digital has become the main point of entry to the Bank for its customers.
At the same time, a number of countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria) have introduced initiatives developed jointly with customers to incorporate the customers’ opinions when creating new products and services.
The International Retail Banking networks have been working on a cross-business initiative, launched in 2015, for coordinating and measuring customer satisfaction and experience, which they have been gradually rolling out to all Banking and Consumer Credit subsidiaries. This programme gives the entities a single robust tool for coordinating customer experience, integrating the customer’s needs at the very heart of the system and identifying factors that trigger satisfaction and dissatisfaction as well as our strengths and weaknesses compared to our competitors.
This tool uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) together with an analysis of overall and specific satisfaction and “instant” satisfaction surveys for experiences identified as critical in each country. Corporate and Investment Banking also conducts annual surveys based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS).
These surveys focus on:

  • major Corporate customers and IFIs, in all regions;
  • the Private Banking segemnt;
  • custodian activities (securities);
  • finally, customer satisfaction with transactions is monitored daily by means of targeted campaigns conducted by the Investment Banking back offices.


Within the global context of digital transformation, the Group must find a way to offer customers a digital service that is easy to use, readily available and highly secure. Societe Generale’s French network has announced that it will invest EUR 1.5 billion in its information system by 2020, 5% of which will be earmarked for security.


    There is a Group-wide system for managing information system security. It is coordinated at Group level by an Operational IT Risk and Information System Security Manager. This system is rolled out in each core business, business line and entity.

    In France and internationally, Societe Generale constantly strives to adapt its security measures to better suit customer needs and continues its efforts to prevent phishing and social engineering. Customers can also access all the necessary information about protection on online banking services.


    The Group is particularly sensitive to personal data protection. As a trusted partner and custodian of its customers’ personal data, Societe Generale does not sell customer data to third parties. Customer data is used solely to ensure the quality of service and product offer that customers expect from the Group. In accordance with local and European regulations, internal instructions describe the rules and procedures in place to guarantee the protection of customer and employee data.

For more information : see CSR report p.12