The Group places great importance on both its financial and extra-financial ratings. Extra-financial ratings agencies assess and score the Societe Generale Group based on its ESG practices. The scores received from the main ratings agencies constitute external and independent recognition of the quality and transparency of the information provided and are an excellent reflection of our CSR actions.


    Societe Generale offers its customers a targeted research service into Environmental, Social and Governance (or ESG) issues, which won the top award in the SRI & Sustainability Research category of the Extel Survey.

For more information : see CSR report p.3


Since 2014, this ambition has been demonstrated by the fact that the Group’s extra-financial performance, as measured by ratings agencies such as RobecoSam, is incorporated into the compensation components of approximately 46,000 people (Societe Generale’s staff in France). This same criterion is also one of the qualitative criteria applicable to the assessment of Chief Executive Officers and/or Directors when determining a portion of their variable remuneration. Societe Generale aims to be the reference relationship bank, close to its customers, chosen for the quality and commitment of its teams. This means placing the customer at the heart of the Bank’s concerns. To achieve this, Societe Generale redefined its fundamental values in 2014 (the values of commitment and responsibility were added to the historical values of innovation and team spirit), before focusing on the behaviours through which these values should be demonstrated by all employees, to the benefit of its customers. This approach to employee behaviour is based on the new Societe Generale Leadership Model, which has helped Societe Generale to reinforce its corporate culture combining the ambition to develop activities (innovation), the desire to set an example as an individual (commitment) and as a group (team spirit), and attention to ethics and compliance with rules (responsibility). Societe Generale has decided to continue this work by launching the strategic Culture & Conduct program in 2016, which is directly under the authority of General Management. The program aims to strengthen the confidence of all the Bank’s stakeholders, principally its clients, and to develop the Societe Generale culture by placing values, leadership quality and integrity at the heart of its transformation.

For more information : see CSR report p.4