The Historical Mission: developing the historical heritage of Societe Generale

Established in 2005, the Historical Mission brings together former employees and renowned historians to pursue a common goal: perpetuating and enhancing the Group’s rich historical heritage.

Former employees and historians

Under the leadership of Jean-François Sammarcelli, Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer, the Historical Mission is divided into two entities:

  • The History Committee, which brings together former Group employees
  • The Scientific Committee, composed of academic professionals (university professionals, research directors, research institutes, etc.)

The Historical Mission supports scientific research by offering research grants to students and young researchers following a university course in history or other disciplines. It also supports the organisation of scientific symposia.

Historical Mission: composition and work conducted (in French only)

Recent projects supported by the Historical Mission

  • "Stratégies et structures des banques françaises : les trois vieilles de 1984 à 1987" (Strategies and structures of French banks: the Big Three from 1984 to 1987) by Pascal Benoît, PhD student in History at the University of Paris X Nanterre.
  • "Gestion du personnel masculin et féminin après la Seconde Guerre mondiale : le cas de la Société Générale" (Managing male and female staff after the Second World War: the Societe Generale case study) by Elena Khitraya, PhD student in Management Science at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.
  • "L'évolution de l'espace de travail à la Société Générale de 1864 à nos jours" (The evolution of the workplace at Societe Generale from 1864 to the present day) by Delphine Minchella, PhD student in Management Science at the University of Paris-Dauphine.

 List of available theses and research projects (in French only)

Research grants

Every year, the Historical Mission and its scientific committee award research grants to selected candidates upon presentation of a research project. Subjects that relate exclusively to the history of Societe Generale from 1864 to the present day are preferred. However, wider or comparative studies incorporating the Group’s history are also considered.

More information about Research Grants

Are you enrolled in a Master 1, Master 2, PhD or post-doctoral programme in France or abroad? Is your research project related to our research topics?

Request a research grant from the Societe Generale Historical Mission

Scientific symposia

Through the efforts of the Historical Mission, Societe Generale regularly takes part in organising conferences throughout France. For example, a study day in 2011 entitled "Banking architecture: between beauty and practicality" was organised in Paris by the Histara research team (EA 4115, art history, history of representation and archaeology in Europe) from the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE). The same year, a symposium entitled "Banks and corporate mutations" was organised at the Archives nationales du monde du travail in Roubaix, France.