The Societe Generale archives: a rich and diverse heritage

For more than 15 years, the Societe Generale Historical Archives Department has offered researchers a diverse and rich range of archives collections on the Group’s history and various economic sectors in France and around the world.

Consulting the archives

Available to researchers, the archive collections come from various financial institutions: Societe Generale, as well as the former Crédit foncier d'Algérie et de Tunisie, Banque de Salonique, Crédit du Nord and Sogénal. The archives cover a broad range of themes, including documents related to the creation of these companies, as well as documents from their human resources and finance departments.

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Exhibitions are regularly organised on themes related to the Group’s history. The archive’s 900 historical posters, 350 blueprints, 25,000 photos and postcards, as well as its extensive collection of objects (old furnishings, calculating machines, publicity and office items, etc.). These materials help reconstitute the working world of a branch or banking service throughout the 20th century, and are regularly exhibited at Societe Generale branches across France.

For the 100th anniversary of the Central Branch, an exhibition was organised to look back at "100 years of serving our customers".

Two exhibitions, "The engineer, the bank and Art Nouveau" and "Rugby in the Roaring Twenties", are currently on display at an interactive kiosk at the Central Branch, located at 29 boulevard Haussmann in Paris, France.

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